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Luzzu—A Methodology and Framework for Linked Data Quality Assessment
A conceptual methodology for assessing Linked Datasets, and Luzzu; a framework for Linked Data Quality Assessment, which contributes towards the definition of a holistic data quality lifecycle in terms of the co-evolution of linked datasets.
Linked Data Notifications: A Resource-Centric Communication Protocol
This article describes the Linked Data Notifications protocol, and evaluates the protocol’s effectiveness by analysing multiple, independent implementations, which pass a suite of formal tests and can be demonstrated interoperating with each other.
Qanary - A Methodology for Vocabulary-Driven Open Question Answering Systems
This work provides an approach driven by a core QA vocabulary that is aligned to existing, powerful ontologies provided by domain-specific communities, and is agnostic to implementation details and that inherently follows the linked data principles.
Why Reinvent the Wheel: Let's Build Question Answering Systems Together
It is suggested that Frankenstein precisely solves the QA optimisation problem but also enables the automatic composition of optimised QA pipelines, which outperform the static Baseline QA pipeline.
The Distributed Ontology, Modeling and Specification Language
The Distributed Ontology, Modelling and Specification Language (DOL) aims at providing a unified meta language for handling a diversity of ontology languages in use and provides constructs for “as-is” use of ontologies formulated in a specific ontology language.
daQ, an Ontology for Dataset Quality Information
The Dataset Quality Ontology (daQ) is a lightweight, extensible vocabulary for attaching the results of quality benchmarking of a linked open dataset to that dataset.
Template-Based Question Answering over Linked Geospatial Data
This system has been implemented as re-usable components of the Qanary question answering architecture to provide benefits for future research tasks and is given a detailed description of the architecture of the system, its underlying algorithms and its evaluation using a set of 201 natural language questions.
Ontologies and languages for representing mathematical knowledge on the Semantic Web
  • C. Lange
  • Computer Science
    Semantic Web
  • 1 April 2013
It is shown that MathML and OpenMath, the standard XML-based exchange languages for mathematical knowledge, can be fully integrated with RDF representations in order to contribute existing mathematical knowledge to the Web of Data.
Luzzu -- A Framework for Linked Data Quality Assessment
Luzzu is a framework for Linked Data Quality Assessment based on an extensible interface for defining new quality metrics, an interoperable, ontology-driven back-end for representing quality metadata and quality problems that can be reused within different semantic frameworks, a scalable stream processor for data dumps and SPARQL endpoints, and a customisable ranking algorithm taking into account user-defined weights.
Evaluating the quality of the LOD cloud: An empirical investigation
In this quantitative empirical survey, 130 datasets are analysed using 27 Linked Data quality metrics, using the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) test in order to identify the key quality indicators that can give sufficient information about a dataset’s quality.