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Basic concepts and taxonomy of dependable and secure computing
The aim is to explicate a set of general concepts, of relevance across a wide range of situations and, therefore, helping communication and cooperation among a number of scientific and technical communities, including ones that are concentrating on particular types of system, of system failures, or of causes of systems failures. Expand
Retracing the pivotal privacy and security-related events and ensuing issues from the past year.
A taxonomy of computer program security flaws
This survey provides a taxonomy for computer program security flaws, with an Appendix that documents 50 actual security flaws that provide a good introduction to the characteristics of security flaws and how they can arise. Expand
Formal Models for Computer Security
The need for formal security models is described, the structure and operation of military security controls are described, how automation has affected security problems is considered, and possible models that have been proposed and applied to date are surveyed. Expand
Towards an Analysis of Onion Routing Security
A security analysis of Onion Routing, an application independent infrastructure for traffic-analysis-resistant and anonymous Internet connections, and an overview of the current system design, definitions of security goals and new adversary models are presented. Expand
A Taxonomy of Computer Program Security Flaws, with Examples
This paper provides a taxonomy for computer program security flaws together with an appendix that carefully documents 50 actual security flaws that provide a good introduction to the characteristics of security flaws and how they can arise. Expand
Avoiding the Top 10 Software Security Design Flaws
Because the authors, contributors, and publisher are eager to engage the broader community in open discussion, analysis, and debate regarding a vital issue of common interest, this document isExpand
A security model for military message systems
The message system application is introduced, the problems of using the Bell-LaPadula model in real applications are described, and the security model for a family of military message systems is formulated. Expand
Computer security
  • C. Landwehr
  • Computer Science
  • International Journal of Information Security
  • 1 August 2001
This paper reviews major concepts and principles of computer security as it stands today and strives not to delve deeply into specific technical areas such as operating system security, access control, network security, intrusion detection, and so on, but to paint the topic with a broad brush. Expand
Privacy and Cybersecurity: The Next 100 Years
The past and the future of privacy and cybersecurity are addressed from four perspectives, by different authors: theory and algorithms, technology, policy, and economics. Each author considers theExpand