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Atrophic gastritis and Helicobacter pylori infection in patients with reflux esophagitis treated with omeprazole or fundoplication.
Patients with reflux esophagitis and H. pylori infection who are treated with omeprazole are at increased risk of atrophic gastritis. Expand
Long-Term Treatment with Omeprazole for Refractory Reflux Esophagitis: Efficacy and Safety
The primary advantage of proton pump inhibitors over all other antireflux therapies is their specific efficacy in patients with severe, refractory reflux disease, nonhealing Barrett ulcers, or peptic strictures. Expand
Influence of single- and multiple-dose omeprazole treatment on nifedipine pharmacokinetics and effects in healthy subjects
The single dose of omeprazole had no significant effect on any pharmacokinetic parameter of nifedipine, nor on gastric pH, or blood pressure or heart rate, and the interaction between nifingipine and omepazole is not likely to be of major clinical relevance. Expand
Cholesterol crystal embolization in the Netherlands.
In the Dutch population, CCE is reported steadily, with an average frequency of 6.2 cases per million population per year since 1985, and occurs predominantly in elderly men with a history of atherosclerotic disease and hypertension. Expand
Screening for the multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type I. A study of 11 kindreds in The Netherlands.
Since 1974, a total of 11 families with the multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type I (MEN-I), including 52 patients, were identified, and 15 patients died of MEN-I-related complications, most of them in the period before screening was started. Expand
Satiety effects of a physiological dose of cholecystokinin in humans.
Under the conditions of this study, CCK significantly decreases food intake in humans, and this effect is similar for lean and obeseSubjects showed no differences betweenLean and obese subjects in the satiety effects of CCK. Expand
Effect of equimolar amounts of long-chain triglycerides and medium-chain triglycerides on plasma cholecystokinin and gallbladder contraction.
It is concluded that, in contrast to LCT, MCT do not induce CCK release and gallbladder contraction, and no significant changes in plasma CCK andgallbladder volume were found after MCT. Expand
Effects of hyperglycemia and hyperinsulinemia on satiety in humans.
The study suggests that in humans hyperglycemia induces satiety, and this effect seems not to be mediated by insulin, since HI had no effect on appetite. Expand
Temporal relationships of cholecystokinin release, pancreatobiliary secretion, and gastric emptying of a mixed meal.
The influence of gastric emptying of nutrients on plasma cholecystokinin and pancreatobiliary functions is poorly understood. We therefore temporally related the emptying of fat, protein, and glucoseExpand
Cholesterol crystal embolisation to the alimentary tract.
It is concluded that in this unselected, homogenous group of patients, CCE sites were most frequently found in the colon, and generally presented with abdominal pain, diarrhoea, and gastrointestinal blood loss. Expand