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Phylogeny of Anophelinae using mitochondrial protein coding genes
These findings provided robust evidence for elevating the monophyletic groupings Kerteszia, Lophopodomyia, Nyssorhynchus and Stethomyia to genus level and genus Anopheles to include subgenera Anophele, Baimaia, Cellia and Christya. Expand
On typeless species and the perils of fast taxonomy
C H A R L E S M O R P H Y D . S A N T O S 1, D A L T O N S . A M O R I M 2, B R U N A K L A S S A 1, D I E G O A . F A C H I N 2, S I L V I O S . N I H E I 3, C L A U D I O J . B . D E C A R VA L H OExpand
New Polypedilum Kieffer (Diptera: Chironomidae) from mountains of the Atlantic Forest, Brazil.
Five new species of Polypedilum from mountains of the Atlantic Forest, Southeastern Brazil, are described and illustrated as adult male. Two new species belong to the subgenus Polypedilum s. str.:Expand
Synthesis and pharmacological characterization of C4-disubstituted analogs of 1S,2S,5R,6S-2-aminobicyclo[3.1.0]hexane-2,6-dicarboxylate: identification of a potent, selective metabotropic glutamate
Through the combined use of protein-ligand X-ray crystallography employing recombinant human mGlu2/3 receptor amino terminal domains, molecular modeling, and site-directed mutagenesis, a molecular basis for the observed pharmacological profile of compound 2 is proposed. Expand
Synthesis and Pharmacological Characterization of C4-(Thiotriazolyl)-substituted-2-aminobicyclo[3.1.0]hexane-2,6-dicarboxylates. Identification of
Preparation and characterization of (1R,2S,4R,5R,6R)-2-amino-4-(1H-1,2,4-triazol-3-ylsulfanyl)bicyclo[3.1.0]hexane-2,6-dicarboxylic acid 14a provided evidence that this molecule engages and activates central mGlu2 receptors in vivo. Expand
Efficient Reagents for the Synthesis of 5-, 7-, and 5,7-Substituted Indoles Starting from Aromatic Amines: Scope and Limitations
Upon reaction with IPy2BF4, 4-substituted anilines give regioselectively the corresponding o-iodoanilines in nearly quantitative yield, in a process that can be carried out on a multigram scale.Expand
2-Alkoxydihydrocinnamates as PPAR agonists. Activity modulation by the incorporation of phenoxy substituents.
A series of potent and selective PPARgamma agonists with moderate PPARalpha affinity and little to no affinity for other nuclear receptors are described, showing that these compounds are efficacious at low doses in glucose normalization and plasma triglyceride reduction. Expand
Novel selective and potent 5-HT reuptake inhibitors with 5-HT1D antagonist activity: chemistry and pharmacological evaluation of a series of thienopyran derivatives.
A series of compounds combining the naphthylpiperazine and thienopyran scaffolds has been prepared and evaluated for 5-HT reuptake inhibition with5-HT1D antagonist activity, which has the potential to deliver a more efficient treatment for depression. Expand
Suzuki-type cross-coupling reaction of 1-benzyl-2-iodo-1H-benzimidazoles with aryl boronic acids: A regioselective route to N-alkylated 6-alkoxy-2-aryl-1H-benzimidazoles
Abstract The Suzuki-type cross-coupling reaction of 6-substituted 1-benzyl-2-iodo-1H-benzimidazoles with aryl boronic acids provided an efficient synthesis of the correspondingExpand
Conformationally constrained serotonin analogues: Stereoselective synthesis of trans-3-(2-aminocycloalkyl)indoles by aziridine ring opening
Abstract Trans -3-(2-aminocyclopentyl)indoles 9a,c and trans -3-(2-aminocyclohexyl)indoles 9b,d have been stereoselectively prepared by nucleophilic ring opening reaction of N -BocExpand