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Mckay's observation and vertex operator algebras generated by two conformal vectors of central charge 1/2
This paper is a continuation of (33) at which several coset subalgebras of the lattice VOA Vp 2E8 were constructed and the relationship between such algebras with the famous McKay observation on the
Parafermion vertex operator algebras and $W$-algebras
We prove the conjectual isomorphism between the level $k$ $\widehat{sl}_2$-parafermion vertex operator algebra and the $(k+1,k+2)$ minimal series $W_k$-algebra for all integers $k \ge 2$. As a
On the Structure of Framed Vertex Operator Algebras and Their Pointwise Frame Stabilizers
In this paper, we study the structure of a general framed vertex operator algebra (VOA). We show that the structure codes (C,D) of a framed VOA V satisfy certain duality conditions. As a consequence,
On the Constructions of Holomorphic Vertex Operator Algebras of Central Charge 24
  • C. Lam
  • Mathematics
  • 26 February 2011
In this article, we construct explicitly several holomorphic vertex operator algebras of central charge 24 using Virasoro frames. The Lie algebras associated to their weight one subspaces are of the
Vertex operator algebras, extended $E_8$ diagram, and McKay's observation on the Monster simple group
We study McKay's observation on the Monster simple group, which relates the 2A-involutions of the Monster simple group to the extended E 8 diagram, using the theory of vertex operator algebras
Construction of vertex operator algebras from commutative associative algebras
Given a commutative associative algebra A with an associative form (’), we construct a vertex operator algebra V with the weight two space V2;≅ A If in addition the form (’) is nondegenerate, we show