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Gene Transfer into Hepatocytes Mediated by Helper Virus-Free HSV/AAV Hybrid Vectors
expression in hepatocytes in vivo was markedly longer from HSV/AAV hybrid vector compared with traditional HSV-1 amplicon vector, and expression from these vectors does not provoke an overt inflammatory or immune response, allowing efficacious expression following repeated in vivo dosing.
Isolation of UVC-Tolerant Bacteria from the Hyperarid Atacama Desert, Chile
The results show that the Atacama Desert harbors a noteworthy microbial community that may be considered for future astrobiological-related research in terms of UV tolerance, and vegetarian cells of one of these isolates showed the highest UV tolerance profile.
Genotoxic effects of stannous chloride (SnCl2) in K562 cell line.
Enhanced sensitivity of Escherichia coli uvrB mutants to mitomycin C points to a UV-C distinct repair for DNA adducts.
The results obtained show that uvrB mutants are extremely sensitive to MC in contrast to the other isogenic uvrA and uvrC mutant strains, and it is suggested that a modified NER system is taking place in the repair of MC-adducts.
Different patterns of evolution for duplicated DNA repair genes in bacteria of the Xanthomonadales group
Most of duplications of DNA repair related genes found in Xanthomonas seem to have arisen from old events and possibly enlarge both functional and evolutionary genome potentiality.
Survival of Deinococcus radiodurans against laboratory-simulated solar wind charged particles.
The results show that, compared to the highly deleterious effects of UV radiation, solar wind charged particles are relatively benign, and organisms protected under grains from UV radiation would also be protected from the charged particles considered in this study.
Comparative survival analysis of Deinococcus radiodurans and the haloarchaea Natrialba magadii and Haloferax volcanii exposed to vacuum ultraviolet irradiation.
This is the first work to report survival of haloarchaea under simulated interplanetary conditions and the possible existence of microbial life in extraterrestrial salty environments such as the planet Mars and Jupiter's moon Europa.