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Lorentz invariance violation and charge (non)conservation: A general theoretical frame for extensions of the Maxwell equations
All quantum gravity approaches lead to small modifications in the standard laws of physics which in most cases lead to violations of Lorentz invariance. One particular example is the extendedExpand
Advancing fundamental physics with the Laser Astrometric Test of Relativity
The Laser Astrometric Test of Relativity (LATOR) is an experiment designed to test the metric nature of gravitation—a fundamental postulate of the Einstein’s general theory of relativity. The keyExpand
Probing the quantum-gravity realm with slow atoms
For the study of Planck-scale modifications of the energy–momentum dispersion relation, which had been previously focused on the implications for ultrarelativistic particles, we consider the possibleExpand
Observable effects in a class of spherically symmetric static Finsler spacetimes
After some introductory discussion of the definition of Finsler spacetimes and their symmetries, we consider a class of spherically symmetric and static Finsler spacetimes which are smallExpand
Optical cavity tests of Lorentz invariance for the electron
A hypothetical violation of Lorentz invariance in the electrons' equation of motion (expressed within the Lorentz-violating extension of the standard model) leads to a change of the geometry ofExpand
Experimental limits for low-frequency space-time fluctuations from ultrastable optical resonators
It has been suggested that space-time might undergo fluctuations because of its intrinsic quantum nature. These fluctuations would pose a fundamental limit to the ability of measuring distances withExpand
Analytic treatment of complete and incomplete geodesics in Taub-NUT space-times
We present the complete set of analytical solutions of the geodesic equation in Taub-NUT space-times in terms of the Weierstrass elliptic functions. We systematically study the underlying polynomialsExpand
Molecular dynamics simulation of sympathetic crystallization of molecular ions
It is shown that the translational degrees of freedom of a large variety of molecules, from light diatomic to heavy organic ones, can be cooled sympathetically and brought to rest (crystallized) in aExpand
Tests of Lorentz invariance using hydrogen molecules
We discuss the consequences of Lorentz violation (as expressed within the Lorentz-violating extension of the standard model) for the hydrogen molecule, which represents a generic model of a molecularExpand