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Introduction to frustrated magnetism : materials, experiments, theory
The basic concepts in frustrated magnetism are outlined, and specific effects in frustrated magnets are described.
Symmetry breaking due to Dzyaloshinsky-Moriya interactions in the kagomé lattice
Due to the particular geometry of the kagom\'e lattice, it is shown that antisymmetric Dzyaloshinsky-Moriya interactions are allowed and induce magnetic ordering. The symmetry of the obtained
Model of localized highly frustrated ferromagnetism: The kagomé spin ice
A model of localized highly frustrated ferromagnetism is presented: kagom\'e spin ice. Using analytical and Monte Carlo calculations its massive ground-state entropy is evaluated. Monte Carlo
Density of states for the Anderson model
The Anderson model is studied in the limit U to infinity using a Green function decoupling procedure. It is shown that the solution gives the correct results in the intermediate valence case, and in
Pyrochlore Antiferromagnet: A Three-Dimensional Quantum Spin Liquid
The quantum pyrochlore antiferromagnet is studied by perturbative expansions and exact diagonalization of small clusters. We find that the ground state is a spin-liquid state: The spin-spin
Phase diagram of the Kondo lattice
We discuss the phase diagram of the Kondo lattice: we generalize to the lattice a method proposed by Yoshimori and Sakurai for the single-impurity Kondo problem; this method transforms the Kondo
Berry phase of magnons in textured ferromagnets
We study the energy spectrum of magnons in a ferromagnet with topologically nontrivial magnetization profile. In the case of inhomogeneous magnetization corresponding to a metastable state of