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A real application on non-technical losses detection: the MIDAS Project
The MIDAS project began at 2006 as collaboration between Endesa, Sadiel and Seville. Expand
EIS for Consumers Classification and Support Decision Making in a Power Utility Database
The increasing of the storage system capacity and the reduction of the access time have allowed the development of new technologies which have afforded solutions for the automatic treatment of great corporative databases. Expand
Intelligent information processing in a digital library using semantic web
This paper outlines the development of an expert prototype system based in an ontology for retrieval information of the Digital Library University of Seville. Expand
Intelligent management experience on efficient electric power system
Electric power system is one of the most critical and strategic infrastructures of industrial societies. Nowadays, it is necessary the modernization and automation of the electric power grid toExpand
Inclusion of expert rules into normalized management models for description of MIB structure
We present a new concept called Integrated Management Expert System that employs both managed model and AI reasoning techniques for the intelligent management of heterogeneous networks. Expand
Location intelligence method for wireless sensor networks
The invention relates to an intelligent localisation method using wireless sensor networks, comprising a first distributed process that is executed in each node and carries out an estimation of the possible location of the tag; and a second centralised process that combines all of said partial information to form a single solution. Expand
An intelligent alternative approach to the efficient network management
 Abstract — Due to the increasing complexity and heterogeneity of networks and services, many efforts have been made to develop intelligent techniques for management. Network intelligent managementExpand
An Intelligent Methodology for Modeling Semantic Knowledge in Industrial Networks
This study addresses the key aspects of a semantic and intelligent information retrieval system architecture in an attempt to meet the requirements of the next-generation semantic search engine. Expand
A new CBIR technology to help reassembling moorish ornamental carvings
In this paper, we present a new Content Based Image Retrieval technology specially designed to help reassembling archaeological pieces. The method finds similar fragments based in the fragmentExpand