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Investigation into the fungal diversity within different regions of the gastrointestinal tract of Panaque nigrolineatus, a wood-eating fish
This study is the first to examine the fungal community in a xylivorous fish and results support the hypothesis that diet influences fungal distribution and diversity within the gastrointestinal tract of P. nigrolineatus. Expand
Affordable housing: Reducing the energy cost burden
Residential energy expenditures are a key determinant of housing affordability, particularly for lower Income households. For years, federal, state and local governments and agencies have sought toExpand
Nectar Microbial Diversity and Changes Associated with Environmental Exposure
The results suggest that floral nectars in different plant species do contain a distinct microbiome and the individual flower microbial community diversity may be affected by floral nectar composition, insect visitation and other environmental factors. Expand