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Shallow-water caridean shrimps from southern Bahia, Brazil, including the first record of Synalpheus ul (Ríos & Duffy, 2007) (Alpheidae) in the southwestern Atlantic Ocean
The history and present situation of the Philippines, as well as some of the aspects of its people and institutions, are described in detail in a book published in 2016. Expand
The ANDEEP Tanaidacea (Crustacea: Peracarida) revisited III: the family Akanthophoreidae.
The family Akanthophoreus and Paraleptognathia are redefined and now consist of only four and two species respectively, and two new species of Chauliopleona, C. ciimari and C. andeepi are described from the ANDEEP I-III and ANDEEP-SYSTCO material. Expand
Tanaidacea from Brazil: III. new records and description of a new species collected from REVIZEE-NE Program
A new species of Paratanais Dana, 1852, Paratanais coelhoi sp. nov., is described and new records for Paradoxapseudes intermedius (Hansen, 1895), Intermedichelia gracilis Guţu, 1996, VestigiramusExpand
Tanaidacea from Brazil. I. The family Tanaellidae Larsen & Wilson, 2002
Both male and female of two new species, i.e. Araphura arvedlundi n. sp. and Tanaella kroyeri n. sp. were collected from the continental slope of the Atlantic coast off northern Brazil and areExpand
Tanaidacea from Brazil. II. A revision of the subfamily Hemikalliapseudinae (Kalliapseudidae; Tanaidacea; Crustacea) using phylogenetic methods
Based on recently collected material from Brazil the subfamily Hemikalliapseudinae is revised using phylogenetic methods and including ontogenetic observations, and comments on the ontogeny of the pereopodal exopod are included. Expand
A new genus of Colletteidae (Crustacea: Peracarida: Tanaidacea) from the Pacific with comments on dimorphic males with species specific characters
A new genus and species of Tanaidacea are described from the manganese nodule province between the Clarion and the Clipperton Fracture Zone of the equatorial North Pacific Ocean collected during theExpand
Description of Alpheus buckupi spec. nov., a new amphi-Atlantic snapping shrimp (Caridea: Alpheidae), based on morphological and molecular data.
The new amphi-Atlantic snapping shrimp is morphologically similar to members of the A. lobidens De Haan, 1850 species complex, from the Indo-Pacific, including A. inopinatus Holthuis & Gottlieb, 1958 from the eastern Mediterranean, and the Red Sea to Pakistan. Expand
Tanaidacea (Tanaidacea: Crustacea) from Brazil. IV. A new genus and two new species from the family Leptocheliidae
One new genus appears to be closely related to Konarus-Parakonarus-Pseudoleptochelia complex of species anddiffers mainly in the extremely elongated habitus of the male, Intermedichelia jesseri, which is here included in the family LeptOCheliidae. Expand
Two new species of Tanaopsis (Tanaidacea: Tanaopsidae) from Admiralty Bay (Antarctica), with an identification key
Two new species of family Tanaopsidae, genus Tanaopsis, from Admiralty Bay (Antarctica) are herein described and can be distinguished from it by a combination of characters that includes maxilliped basis with long seta arising from tubercles. Expand