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Ribosomal Database Project: data and tools for high throughput rRNA analysis
Ribosomal Database Project (RDP; http://rdp.cme.msu.edu/) provides the research community with aligned and annotated rRNA gene sequence data, along with tools to allow researchers to analyze theirExpand
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Microbial biogeography: putting microorganisms on the map
We review the biogeography of microorganisms in light of the biogeography of macroorganisms. A large body of research supports the idea that free-living microbial taxa exhibit biogeographic patterns.Expand
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Phylogenetic Specificity and Reproducibility and New Method for Analysis of Terminal Restriction Fragment Profiles of 16S rRNA Genes from Bacterial Communities
ABSTRACT Terminal restriction fragment (TRF) analysis of 16S rRNA genes is an increasingly popular method for rapid comparison of microbial communities, but analysis of the data is still in aExpand
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Assessment of Microbial Diversity in Four Southwestern United States Soils by 16S rRNA Gene Terminal Restriction Fragment Analysis
ABSTRACT The ability of terminal restriction fragment (T-RFLP or TRF) profiles of 16S rRNA genes to provide useful information about the relative diversity of complex microbial communities wasExpand
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Wide Distribution and Diversity of Members of the Bacterial Kingdom Acidobacterium in the Environment
ABSTRACT To assess the distribution and diversity of members of the recently identified bacterial kingdom Acidobacterium, members of this kingdom present in 43 environmental samples were surveyed byExpand
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Three Genomes from the Phylum Acidobacteria Provide Insight into the Lifestyles of These Microorganisms in Soils
ABSTRACT The complete genomes of three strains from the phylum Acidobacteria were compared. Phylogenetic analysis placed them as a unique phylum. They share genomic traits with members of theExpand
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We present evidence that the heritable genetic variation within individual species, especially dominant and keystone species, has community and ecosystem conse- quences. These consequences representExpand
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Small-Scale DNA Sample Preparation Method for Field PCR Detection of Microbial Cells and Spores in Soil
ABSTRACT Efficient, nonselective methods to obtain DNA from the environment are needed for rapid and thorough analysis of introduced microorganisms in environmental samples and for analysis ofExpand
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Empirical and Theoretical Bacterial Diversity in Four Arizona Soils
ABSTRACT Understanding patterns of biodiversity in microbial communities is severely constrained by the difficulty of adequately sampling these complex systems. We illustrate the problem withExpand
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Diazotrophic Community Structure and Function in Two Successional Stages of Biological Soil Crusts from the Colorado Plateau and Chihuahuan Desert
ABSTRACT The objective of this study was to characterize the community structure and activity of N2-fixing microorganisms in mature and poorly developed biological soil crusts from both the ColoradoExpand
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