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Perspectives on the History of Glass Composition
The 100th anniversary of The American Ceramic Society corresponds approximately with the 100th anniversary of what might be considered the start of the age of glass science, i.e., the publication, in
Calculation of Cooling Rate and Induced Stresses in Drawing of Optical Fibers
The rate of cooling of fused-silica fibers and the generation of stress in clad fibers of fused silica and 96%-silica glass (∼125 μm OD) pulled at 1750°C were studied. Experimental cooling rates
The Strength of Silicate Glasses: What Do We Know, What Do We Need to Know?
In the last few years, there has been increased interest in methods to improve the practical strength of inorganic glasses. During this same time period, new theoretical and experimental techniques
Acid stripping of fused silica optical fibers without strength degradation
Glass optical fibers are almost always coated with a polymer immediately after drawing to protect them from subsequent handling damage. When studying the strength and fatigue properties of the
Mössbauer spectroscopy in inorganic glasses
Strength and fatigue of silica optical fibers
After a brief review of early lightguide work, the authors assess advances since the mid-1970s. They note important work on strength distributions and procedures for improving strength. This is