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Remote Sensing of Mangrove Ecosystems: A Review
This review paper is to provide a comprehensive overview and sound summary of all of the work undertaken, addressing the variety of remotely sensed data applied for mangrove ecosystem mapping, as well as the numerous methods and techniques used for data analyses, and to further discuss their potential and limitations.
Derivation of biomass information for semi-arid areas using remote-sensing data
The impact of changes in vegetation biomass on the global ecosystem and the future evolution of possible climate change is of high relevance. Above-ground biomass (AGB) influences environmental
Remote sensing of snow – a review of available methods
The use of satellite remote sensing for the mapping of snow-cover characteristics has a long-lasting history reaching back until the 1960s. Because snow cover plays an important role in the Earth's
The Mekong Delta System: Interdisciplinary Analyses of a River Delta
This book about the Mekong Delta presents a unique collection of state-of-the-art contributions by international experts from different scientific disciplines about the characteristics and pressing
Understanding the impact of hydropower developments in the context of upstream–downstream relations in the Mekong river basin
Hydropower developments along the main stem of the Mekong River and its tributaries cause transboundary effects within the Mekong Basin Region, which comprises parts of six countries. On the one