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Closing the global N2O budget: nitrous oxide emissions through the agricultural nitrogen cycle
In 1995 a working group was assembled at the request of OECD/IPCC/IEA to revise the methodology for N2O from agriculture for the National Greenhouse Gas Inventories Methodology. The basics of theExpand
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Global distribution of nitrous oxide production and N inputs in freshwater and coastal marine ecosystems
This study examines N2O emissions from aquatic environments globally, particularly as they are affected by anthropogenic activity. The global distribution of N2O production in rivers and estuariesExpand
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Closing the global N2O budget: A retrospective analysis 1500–1994
We present new estimates of global nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions for the period 1500–1994 based on revised Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change guidelines [Intergovernmental Panel on ClimateExpand
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The global nitrous oxide budget revisited
We present an update of the global budget of atmospheric nitrous oxide (N2O) that accounts for recent revisions in estimates of global emissions. Most importantly, new estimates of N2O emissions fromExpand
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Good Practice Guidance and Uncertainty Management in National Greenhouse Gas Inventories
Agricultural perturbations to the global nitrogen cycle, directly and indirectly, lead to enhanced biogenic production of nitrous oxide (N2O). Direct pathways include microbial nitrification andExpand
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Global Nutrient Export from WaterSheds 2 (NEWS 2): Model development and implementation
We provide a detailed model description and present an overview of enhancements to input datasets, emphasizing an integrated view of nutrient form sub-models and contrasts with previous NEWS models. Expand
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Global river nutrient export: A scenario analysis of past and future trends
[1] An integrated modeling approach was used to connect socioeconomic factors and nutrient management to river export of nitrogen, phosphorus, silica and carbon based on an updated Global NEWS model.Expand
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Global distribution of N2O emissions from aquatic systems: natural emissions and anthropogenic effects
Abstract Context Abstract : Atmospheric concentrations of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas, are increasing due to human activities. Our analysis suggests that a third of global anthropogenic N 2 OExpand
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