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Decline in estimated glomerular filtration rate and subsequent risk of end-stage renal disease and mortality.
IMPORTANCE The established chronic kidney disease (CKD) progression end point of end-stage renal disease (ESRD) or a doubling of serum creatinine concentration (corresponding to a change in estimatedExpand
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Survival predictability of time-varying indicators of bone disease in maintenance hemodialysis patients.
Although renal osteodystrophy and vitamin D analogs may be related to survival in maintenance hemodialysis (MHD) patients, most studies have examined associations between baseline values and survivalExpand
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Understanding sources of dietary phosphorus in the treatment of patients with chronic kidney disease.
In individuals with chronic kidney disease, high dietary phosphorus (P) burden may worsen hyperparathyroidism and renal osteodystrophy, promote vascular calcification and cardiovascular events, andExpand
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Associations between changes in hemoglobin and administered erythropoiesis-stimulating agent and survival in hemodialysis patients.
Although treating anemia of chronic kidney disease by erythropoiesis-stimulating agents (ESA) may improve survival, most studies have examined associations between baseline hemoglobin values andExpand
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Hyponatremia, Hypernatremia, and Mortality in Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease With and Without Congestive Heart Failure
Background— Hyponatremia is common in patients with conditions such as congestive heart failure and is associated with increased mortality in hospitalized patients. Congestive heart failure is commonExpand
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Fluid Retention Is Associated With Cardiovascular Mortality in Patients Undergoing Long-Term Hemodialysis
Background— Patients with chronic kidney disease (stage 5) who undergo hemodialysis treatment have similarities to heart failure patients in that both populations retain fluid frequently and haveExpand
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Serum and dialysate potassium concentrations and survival in hemodialysis patients.
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Controlling serum potassium is an important goal in maintenance hemodialysis patients. We examined the achievement of potassium balance through hemodialysis treatments andExpand
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The obesity paradox and mortality associated with surrogates of body size and muscle mass in patients receiving hemodialysis.
OBJECTIVE To determine whether dry weight gain accompanied by an increase in muscle mass is associated with a survival benefit in patients receiving maintenance hemodialysis (HD). PATIENTS ANDExpand
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Genetic analysis of over 1 million people identifies 535 new loci associated with blood pressure traits
High blood pressure is a highly heritable and modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease. We report the largest genetic association study of blood pressure traits (systolic, diastolic andExpand
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Diets and enteral supplements for improving outcomes in chronic kidney disease
Protein-energy wasting (PEW), which is manifested by low serum levels of albumin or prealbumin, sarcopenia and weight loss, is one of the strongest predictors of mortality in patients with chronicExpand
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