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On self-dual codes over some prime fields
The largest minimum weights of self-dual codes for small lengths over GF(p) where p = 11, 13, 17, 19, 23 and 29 are investigated. Expand
MDS Self-Dual Codes over Large Prime Fields
Combinatorial designs have been used widely in the construction of self-dual codes. Recently a new method of constructing self-dual codes was established using orthogonal designs. This method has ledExpand
Projection properties of certain three level orthogonal arrays
Two orthogonal arrays based on 3 symbols are said to be isomorphic or combinatorially equivalent if one can be obtained from the other by a sequence of row permutations, column permutations andExpand
Encryption Schemes based on Hadamard Matrices with Circulant Cores
In this paper, we propose two encryption schemes based on Hadamard matrices with one and two circulant cores, which are classes of combinatorial designs. A cryptanalysis of the proposed schemesExpand
Supplementary difference sets and optimal designs
Abstract D-optimal designs of order n = 2 v ≡ 2 (mod 4), where q is a prime power and v = q2 + q + 1 are constructed using two methods, one with supplementary difference sets and the other usingExpand
Estimation and variable selection via frailty models with penalized likelihood.
The aim was to provide practitioners in the medical or reliability field with options other than the Gamma frailty model, which has been extensively studied because of its mathematical convenience. Expand
Bounds on the maximum determinant for (1,-1) matrices
We suppose the Hadamard conjecture is true and an Hadamard matrix of order 4t, exists for all t ≥ 1. We use the results for the equivalent SBIBD(4t-1,2t-1,t-1) to establish the maximum determinant orExpand
Multi-level k-circulant Supersaturated Designs
In this paper we present a new method for constructing multi-level supersaturated designs with n rows, m columns and the equal occurrence property. We investigate the existence of multi-levelExpand
On Golay sequences
It is proved that Golay sequences of length n = 2 · 7 2 t do not exist and new proofs of some known results are given and conjecture that there are no Golays of length 2 · q 2 t where q is not the sum of two integer squares. Expand
Heuristic algorithms for Hadamard matrices with two circulant cores
Heuristic algorithms to construct Hadamard matrices with two circulant cores based on local and tabu search and they use information on the geometry of the objective function landscapes to detect when solutions of a special structure exist. Expand