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Squalene as a target molecule in skin hyperpigmentation caused by singlet oxygen.
It is found that topical application of squalene peroxide induced skin hyperpigmentation through increasing prostaglandin E(2) release from keratinocytes in guinea pigs, suggesting that squalenes peroxide formation by singlet oxygen plays a key role in photo-induced skin damage. Expand
Repeated irradiation with suberythemal ultraviolet B reduces the number of epidermal Langerhans cells
It is suggested that repeated challenge with suberythemal UVB radiation, to which the authors are all exposed in daily life, can cause substantial damage to Langerhans cells. Expand
Enzymatic synthesis of the neuroexcitatory amino acid quisqualic acid by cysteine synthase
Abstract Purification of cysteine synthase from the leaves of Quisqualis indica var. villosa reveals the presence of two forms of this enzyme, separated by chromatography on DEAE-Sephadex A-50.Expand
Detection of Modified Tyrosines as an Inflammation Marker in a Photo‐aged Skin Model
The results suggest that UV exposure in daily life may induce the production of modified tyrosines and skin aging. Expand
Topical application of plant extracts containing xanthine derivatives can prevent UV‐induced wrinkle formation in hairless mice
This work has shown that cacao bean and cola nut are popular edible plants that contain polyphenols and xanthine derivatives that possess protective effects against UV‐induced erythema when taken orally, and an H2O2‐scavenging effect. Expand
Biomimetic Synthesis of Heterocyclic β-Substitutd Alanines by Pyridoxal 5'-Phosphate-Catalyzed Chemical Reactions
Several heterocyclic β-substituted alanines were biomimetically synthesized by incubating 0.1 M acetate buffer solution containing the appropriate heterocyclic compound and O-acetylserine or serineExpand
Increased halogenated tyrosine levels are useful markers of human skin ageing, reflecting proteins denatured by past skin inflammation
The influence of inflammation on skin ageing has not been explored in detail, but it is shown that inflammation is related to protein denaturation and can be induced by ultraviolet radiation. Expand
Effects of Kojic Acid and Oil-soluble Licorice Extract on Melanogenesis
B 16メラノーマ細胞を用いて, コウジ酸及び油溶性甘草エキスの併用によるメラニン生成抑制効果について検討した。その結果, コウジ酸と油溶性甘草エキスを併用すると, 両者を単独で添加した場合に比較して相加的にメラニン生成を抑制することが明らかとなった。さらにこれら両薬剤の併用効果の詳細を探るため, メラニン生成制御酵素の一つであるTRP-2 (Tyrosinase relationExpand
Involvement of Reactive Oxygen Species in Abnormal Tropoelastin Deposition Induced by UVA-Photosensitizers
Chronically, sun-exposed human skin is characterized by dermal connective tissue damage with the accumulation of abnormal elastic fibers. However, little is known about the relationship betweenExpand