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The Protein Anabolic Effects of Steroid Hormones
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses the protein anabolic effects of steroid hormones. The state of gonadal function of the individual definitely modifies the effectiveness of the proteinExpand
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The results obtained from the study of two androgenic preparations on the protein and energy metabolism of castrate dogs have already been reported. The first report (1) was concerned with theExpand
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The effect of castration on the weight and composition of the muscles of the guinea pig.
ONE of the expressions of the protein anabolic effect of the androgens is an increase in muscle mass. This is strikingly demonstrated by the temporal muscle of the guinea pig (Papanicolaou and FalkExpand
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Free amino acids of sex organs of the mouse: regulation by androgen.
  • C. Kochakian
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The American journal of physiology
  • 1 April 1975
Male mice were castrated at 2 mo and a pellet of testosterone propionate was implanted subcutaneously 2 wk later. Mice were killed after 11 days and tissue extracts were analyzed. All the common 20Expand
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Influence of Castration and Testosterone Propionate on Cardiac Output, Renal Blood Flow, and Blood Volume in Mice 1
Summary The cardiac output and renal blood flow has been determined in mice by the adaptation of the 86Rb method of Sapir-stein. Cardiac output also was determined with [131I] albumin. CastrationExpand
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Paper chromatography of C19 steroids.
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Regulation of nucleic acid synthesis by androgens.
Castration of adult male mice produced a progressive decrease in the weight of the kidney to a plateau at about 65% of normal within 14 days accompanied by a proportionate decrease in s-RNA. TheExpand
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