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Acetylcholine beyond neurons: the non‐neuronal cholinergic system in humans
Dysfunction of the non‐neuronal cholinergic system is involved in the pathogenesis of diseases, Alterations have been detected in inflammatory processes and a pathobiologic role of non‐NEuronal ACh in different diseases is discussed. Expand
Gold nanoparticles induce cytotoxicity in the alveolar type-II cell lines A549 and NCIH441
The data suggest that the presence of contaminants, such as sodium citrate, on the surface of gold nanoparticles might play a pivotal role in inducing cytotoxicity in vitro, but does not influence the uptake of the particles in human ATII-like cell lines. Expand
Molecular basis of endothelial dysfunction in sepsis.
This review article focuses on the molecular mechanisms and components involved in the pathogenesis of sepsis with a major emphasis on the endothelium. Expand
The non-neuronal cholinergic system in humans: expression, function and pathophysiology.
Its biological and pathobiological roles have to be elucidated in more detail and possibly, new therapeutical targets may become available. Expand
Histological examination and evaluation of donor bile ducts received during orthotopic liver transplantation—a morphological clue to ischemic-type biliary lesion?
Ischemic-type biliary lesions (ITBL) belong to a group of biliary disorders that are regarded as the major complication in patients with orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT). We performedExpand
In vitro expression of the endothelial phenotype: comparative study of primary isolated cells and cell lines, including the novel cell line HPMEC-ST1.6R.
HPMEC-ST1.6R will be a valuable in vitro model system in which to study pathomechanisms and angiogenesis of the mature microvascular endothelium in vitro. Expand
Non-neuronal acetylcholine, a signalling molecule synthezised by surface cells of rat and man
The present experiments demonstrate a widespread existence of non-neuronal acetylcholine in surface cells of man and may act as a local signalling molecule. Expand
Actinomycosis of the jaws—histopathological study of 45 patients shows significant involvement in bisphosphonate-associated osteonecrosis and infected osteoradionecrosis
It is concluded that Actinomycosis of the jaws is a particular complication in patients with BON and/or IORN and patients with these forms of anti-cancer therapy are suggested to represent a distinct patient cohort with a relevant impairment of their general condition. Expand
Evaluation of the tissue reaction to a new bilayered collagen matrix in vivo and its translation to the clinic.
It is demonstrated that this bilayered matrix elicits a favorable tissue reaction, demonstrates potential as a barrier for preferential tissue ingrowth, and achieves a desirable therapeutic result when applied in humans for soft tissue regeneration. Expand
Non-neuronal acetylcholine, a locally acting molecule, widely distributed in biological systems: expression and function in humans.
The most important tasks for the future will be to clarify the multiple biological roles of non-neuronal acetylcholine in detail and to identify pathological conditions in which this system is up- or down-regulated, which could provide the basis for the development of new therapeutic strategies to target the non-NEuronal cholinergic system. Expand