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Extraction chemistry of fermentation product carboxylic acids.
Within the framework of a program aiming to improve the existing extractive recovery technology of fermentation products, the state of the art is critically reviewed. The acids under considerationExpand
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Extraction of carboxylic acids with amine extractants. 1. Equilibria and law of mass action modeling
Studies have been made of the extraction of acetic, lactic, succinic, malonic, fumaric, and maleic acids by Alamine 336, an aliphatic, tertiary amine extractant, dissolved in various diluents. TheExpand
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Mechanism of irreversible adsorption of phenolic compounds by activated carbons
Etude de l'adsorption de composes phenoliques (phenol, p-metoxyphenol, dimethyl-2,4 phenol, p-chlorophenol, p-hydroxybenzaldehyde, p-nitrophenol) sur charbon actif afin de determiner les interactionsExpand
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This work examines the chemistry of solvent extraction by long-chain amines for recovery of carboxylic acids from dilute aqueous solution. Long-chain amines act as complexing agents with the acid,Expand
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Spray Drying: Influence of Developing Drop Morphology on Drying Rates and Retention of Volatile Substances. 1. Single-Drop Experiments
Precise experiments were performed in which single drops of coffee or sucrose solutions containing a trace quantity of SF6 were dried. Simultaneous measurements were made of the drying rate, the lossExpand
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Regeneration of carboxylic acid-amine extracts by back-extraction with an aqueous solution of a volatile amine
Tertiar amines are effective extractants for the recovery of carboxylic acids from aqueous solution. An approach for regeneration and product recovery from such extracts is to back-extract theExpand
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Extraction of carboxylic acids with amine extractants. 3. Effect of temperature, water coextraction, and process considerations
Coextraction of water during extraction of succinic acid by Alamine 336 in different dulents has been measured. The amounts of coextracted water lie in the same order as the solubilities of water inExpand
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Freeze-drying of foods.
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