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A Compact Model for Organic Field-Effect Transistors With Improved Output Asymptotic Behaviors
Here, we propose an advanced compact analytical current-voltage model for organic field-effect transistors (OFETs), which can be incorporated into SPICE-type circuit simulators. We improved theExpand
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Fundamental Benefits of the Staggered Geometry for Organic Field-Effect Transistors
In this letter, decisive advantages of the staggered-type organic field-effect transistors (OFETs) over the coplanar type are elucidated by 2-D device simulation. It is found that the chargeExpand
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Germanium-tin alloy nanocrystals for high-performance lithium ion batteries.
  • Y. Cho, C. Kim, +12 authors W. Cho
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP
  • 1 July 2013
Germanium-tin (Ge(1-x)Sn(x)) alloy nanocrystals were synthesized using a gas-phase laser photolysis reaction of tetramethyl germanium and tetramethyl tin. A composition tuning was achieved using theExpand
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Cash is surprisingly valuable as a strategic asset
Academics, politicians, and journalists are often highly critical of U.S. firms for holding too much cash. Cash holdings are stockpiled free-cash flow and incur substantial opportunity costs from theExpand
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Charge Distribution and Contact Resistance Model for Coplanar Organic Field-Effect Transistors
We propose a theoretical description of the charge distribution and the contact resistance in coplanar organic field-effect transistors (OFETs). Based on the concept that the current in organicExpand
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Optimal production run length and inspection schedules in a deteriorating production process
This paper presents an economic manufacturing quantity model which determines an optimal production run length and inspection schedules simultaneously in a deteriorating production process. It isExpand
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A wide-beam X-ray source suitable for diffraction enhanced imaging applications
Abstract Research in diffraction-enhanced imaging (DEI), using a synchrotron source with an X-ray flux of 1.4×1012 ph/mm2/s, has shown strong potential in obtaining high-resolution images as comparedExpand
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Determination of Quantum Capacitance and Band Filling Potential in Graphene Transistors with Dual Electrochemical and Field-Effect Gates
We report here an investigation of graphene field-effect transistors (G-FETs) in which the graphene channel is in contact with an electrolyte phase. The electrolyte and the ultrathin nature ofExpand
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Liquid entrainment and off-take through the break at the top of a vessel
Abstract In order to determine the bleed capacity of the safety depressurization system (SDS) of Advanced Power Reactor 1400 (APR1400) in the case of total loss of feed water (TLOFW), we performed anExpand
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An Enhanced PID Controller for Speed Control of Brushless DC Motors Based on Convex Set Optimization
This paper presents an enhanced PID controller design method with an internal feedback PD controller. Expand
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