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Delivery, uptake, fate, and transport of engineered nanoparticles in plants: a critical review and data analysis
The increasing demand for food coupled to various environmental pressures, is increasing the importance of sustainable agricultural practices. Based on results published across a wide range ofExpand
Genomic insights from Monoglobus pectinilyticus: a pectin-degrading specialist bacterium in the human colon
This strain occupies a new ecological niche for a primary degrader specialized in foraging a habitually consumed plant glycan, thereby enriching the understanding of the diverse community profile of the HGM. Expand
Monoglobus pectinilyticus gen. nov., sp. nov., a pectinolytic bacterium isolated from human faeces.
Phylogenetic and phenotypic analysis supported the differentiation of strain 14T as a novel genus in the family Ruminococcaceae as well as extracellular fibrolytic activity associated with the bacterial cells, forming zones of degradation in the pectin-rich regions of middle lamella. Expand
Impact of Physical and Chemical Cleaning Agents on Specific Biofilm Components and the Implications for Membrane Biofouling Management
A homogeneous layer of a single biofilm component (polysaccharides, proteins, and nucleic acids) was studied on an ultrafiltration membrane and its interaction with different cleaning solutionsExpand
Enhancing boron rejection on electrically conducting reverse osmosis membranes through local electrochemical pH modification
Abstract Reverse-osmosis (RO) has become a prevailing technology for seawater desalination. While RO removes the majority of ions in seawater, the removal of small, uncharged contaminants remainsExpand
Enhancement of Membrane Performance via Biofilm Management
Author(s): Kim, Caroline | Advisor(s): Jassby, David | Abstract: Biofilm formation is a concerning issue for many industrial processes, especially for water treatment membranes, because it leads toExpand