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Depression in men: communication, diagnosis and therapy
Abstract Women are diagnosed with depressive disorders twice as frequently as men, and yet evidence from differential rates of substance abuse, incarceration, and especially suicide calls intoExpand
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The Masculine Self
Arguably the most comprehensive Men's Studies textbook in existence, The Masculine Self applies mainstream psychological theory to gendered perspectives on the lives His major scholarly work isExpand
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Gender and Age Patterns in Emotional Expression, Body Image, and Self-Esteem: A Qualitative Analysis
This qualitative study used written narrativesto examine gender and age patterns in body image,emotional expression, and self-esteem for a total of 209boys and girls in the fifth, eighth, and twelfthExpand
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A Real Time Social Norms Intervention to Reduce Male Sexism
College males’ overestimation of peers’ sexism may result in reluctance to challenge these toxic attitudes. Researchers investigated the power of a brief intervention to correct these cognitiveExpand
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Adolescent Self-Esteem and Gender: Exploring Relations to Sexual Harassment, Body Image, Media Influence, and Emotional Expression
Self-esteem plays a central role in mental health, yet not enough is known about how youth evaluate themselves as they move across adolescence. This study used a cross-sectional design to examine ageExpand
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The Pain Behind the Mask: Overcoming Masculine Depression
Contents Preface * Introduction * PART 1: ORIGINS AND CONSEQUENCES * Chapter 1. He Sure Doesn't Look Depressed * What Is Depression? * What Is Masculine Depression? * How Is Masculine DepressionExpand
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Men's Violence Against Women: Theory, Research, and Activism
Contents: Preface. Introduction: About Language. Part I: The Problem, the Perpetrator, the Victim. Understanding Gender-Based Violence. Understanding the Offender. The Survivors: Consequences ofExpand
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Avenin fails to induce a Th1 response in coeliac tissue following in vitro culture
Background: It is well established that the wheat protein gliadin triggers inflammation in coeliac patients. However, the potential toxicity of avenin, the equivalent protein in oats, is debated.Expand
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