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Oscillating fluid flow activation of gap junction hemichannels induces atp release from MLO‐Y4 osteocytes
Mechanical loads are required for optimal bone mass. One mechanism whereby mechanical loads are transduced into localized cellular signals is strain‐induced fluid flow through lacunae and canaliculiExpand
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Comparison of minimally invasive direct anterior versus posterior total hip arthroplasty based on inflammation and muscle damage markers.
BACKGROUND A number of surgical approaches are utilized in total hip arthroplasty. It has been hypothesized that the anterior approach results in less muscle damage than the posterior approach. WeExpand
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Fear in children and adolescents: relations with negative life events, attributional style, and avoidant coping.
In this study, we explored relations among negative life events, negative attributional style, avoidant coping, and level of fear in 99 children who had survived residential fires. Overall, negativeExpand
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Prevalence of Abnormal Vitamin D Levels Among Division I NCAA Athletes
Background: Up to 1 billion people have insufficient or deficient vitamin D levels. Despite the well-documented, widespread prevalence of low vitamin D levels and the importance of vitamin D forExpand
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Stability in Competition? Hotelling in Continuous Time
We study Hotelling’s classic duopoly location model in continuous time with flow payoffs accumulated over time and the price dimension made explicit. In an experimental setting, subjects chose priceExpand
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Emirati women do not shy away from competition: evidence from a patriarchal society in transition
We explore gender attitudes towards competition in the United Arab Emirates—a traditionally patriarchal society which in recent times has adopted numerous policies to empower women and promote theirExpand
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Hotelling revisits the lab: equilibration in continuous and discrete time
We investigate experimentally the impact of continuous time on a four-player Hotelling location game. The static pure strategy Nash equilibrium (NE) consists of firms paired-up at the first and thirdExpand
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Biomechanical analysis of the modified Bristow procedure for anterior shoulder instability: is the bone block necessary?
BACKGROUND Anterior shoulder instability with bone loss can be treated successfully with the modified Bristow procedure. Opinions vary regarding the role of the soft-tissue sling created by theExpand
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Emergence of networks and market institutions in a large virtual economy
A complete set of transactions, more than 40 million within a 1.8 year span, allows us to track the evolution of the trader network and the goods network in an on-line trading community. The computerExpand
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Software for continuous game experiments
ConG is software for conducting economic experiments in continuous and discrete time. Expand
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