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Chest wall and lung volume estimation by optical reflectance motion analysis.
Estimation of chest wall motion by surface measurements only allows one-dimensional measurements of the chest wall. We have assessed on optical reflectance system (OR), which tracks reflectiveExpand
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Human respiratory muscle actions and control during exercise.
We measured pressures and power of diaphragm, rib cage, and abdominal muscles during quiet breathing (QB) and exercise at 0, 30, 50, and 70% maximum workload (Wmax) in five men. By three-dimensionalExpand
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Homeokinesis and short-term variability of human airway caliber.
We hypothesized that short-term variation in airway caliber could be quantified by frequency distributions of respiratory impedance (Zrs) measured at high frequency. We measured Zrs at 6 Hz by forcedExpand
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Rib cage mechanics during quiet breathing and exercise in humans.
During exercise, large pleural, abdominal, and transdiaphragmatic pressure swings might produce substantial rib cage (RC) distortions. We used a three-compartment chest wall model (J. Appl. Physiol.Expand
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Human rib cage distortability.
In five normal men, we divided the rib cage into lung-apposed [pulmonary rib cage (RCp)] and diaphragm-apposed [abdominal rib cage (RCab)] compartments and calculated their absolute cross-sectionalExpand
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Intracellular pressure is a motive force for cell motion in Amoeba proteus.
The cortical filament layer of free-living amoebae contains concentrated actomyosin, suggesting that it can contract and produce an internal hydrostatic pressure. We report here on direct and dynamicExpand
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Adaptive modeling of the human rib cage in median sternotomy.
This paper describes a limited computer-analyzed kinematic model of the rib cage that can be adapted to individual subjects. Also described is its validation and use in assessing the changes in chestExpand
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Miracle at Philadelphia
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