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Lowering the barriers to programming: A taxonomy of programming environments and languages for novice programmers
Since the early 1960's, researchers have built a number of programming languages and environments with the intention of making programming accessible to a larger number of people. This articleExpand
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Towards customizable games for stroke rehabilitation
Stroke is the leading cause of long term disability among adults in industrialized nations. The partial paralysis that stroke patients often experience can make independent living difficult orExpand
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Storytelling alice motivates middle school girls to learn computer programming
We describe Storytelling Alice, a programming environment that introduces middle school girls to computer programming as a means to the end of creating 3D animated stories. Storytelling AliceExpand
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Stencils-based tutorials: design and evaluation
Users of traditional tutorials and help systems often have difficulty finding the components described or pictured in the procedural instructions. Users also unintentionally miss steps, and performExpand
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Stroke therapy through motion-based games: a case study
In the United States alone, more than five million people are living with long term motor impairments caused by a stroke. Video game-based therapies show promise in helping people recover lost rangeExpand
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Using storytelling to motivate programming
Using the Storytelling Alice programming environment to create computer-animated movies inspires middle school girls' interest in learning to program computers.
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Motivating programming: using storytelling to make computer programming attractive to middle school girls
Women are currently under-represented in computer science. Increasing the numbers of female students who pursue computer science has the potential both to improve the technology we create byExpand
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Reducing compensatory motions in video games for stroke rehabilitation
Stroke is the leading cause of long-term disability among adults in industrialized nations; approximately 80% of people who survive a stroke experience motor disabilities. Recovery requires hundredsExpand
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A code reuse interface for non-programmer middle school students
We describe a code reuse tool for use in the Looking Glass IDE, the successor to Storytelling Alice [17], which enables middle school students with little to no programming experience to reuseExpand
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Lessons Learned from Designing a Programming System to Support Middle School Girls Creating Animated Stories
  • C. Kelleher, R. Pausch
  • Computer Science
  • Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (VL…
  • 4 September 2006
Traditional approaches to teaching computer science are often unsuccessful in attracting girls into the discipline. Our hypothesis is that presenting computer programming as a means to the end ofExpand
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