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Chemical Constituents of Galium tortumense
From the aerial parts of Galium tortumense Ehrend & Schonb.-Tem., 8 iridoid glycosides, a flavonol glycoside, a oleanane-type triterpene acid, an ursan-type triterpene acid and a sterol were
Secondary metabolites from Nepeta heliotropifolia
Zuhal GUVENALP1,∗, Hilal OZBEK, Ayse KURUUZUM-UZ, Cavit KAZAZ, L. Omur DEMIREZER Ataturk University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacognosy, TR-25240 Erzurum-TURKEY e-mail:
Synthesis of 1-Aryl-3-phenethylamino-1-propanone hydrochlorides as possible potent cytotoxic agents.
It was observed that the best mol ratio of the ketone, paraformaldehyde and phenethylamine hydrochloridewas 1:1.2:1 (compared with a 2:2.1 ratio), and the most suitable reaction medium wasethanol containing concentrated hydrochloric acid (comparing with only ethanol or nosolvent).
Iridoid, Flavonoid, and Phenylethanoid Glycosides from Wiedemannia orientalis
Five iridoid glycosides, lamiide, ipolamiide, ipolamiidoside, 6b-hydroxyipolamiide, and 5-hydroxy-8-epi-loganin; 5 flavonoid glycosides, apigenin 7-O-b-glucopyranoside, luteolin 5-O-b-
A New Sulfated α-Ionone Glycoside from Sonchus erzincanicus Matthews
The study describes the isolation and structure elucidation of five flavonoids and two α-ionone glycosides from S. erzincanicus and found corchoionoside C 6’-O-sulfate, isolated for the first time from a natural source, was a new compound.