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Boron removal from seawater: State-of-the-art review
Abstract Boron is a vital nutrient for humans, plants and animals. On the other hand, it might cause negative effects for some plants when its concentration exceeds the permissible limits inExpand
Three new species of Alburnoides (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) from Euphrates River, Eastern Anatolia, Turkey.
Three new species of Alburnoides are described from the Euphrates River drainages in eastern Anatolia, Turkey, with a well developed ventral keel between pelvic and anal fins and a moderately deep body. Expand
Squalius kottelati, a new cyprinid species (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) from Orontes River, Turkey
Squalius kottelati, new species, is described from the Orontes, Ceyhan and Seyhan rivers in Turkey. It belongs to the S. lepidus group, characterized by a projecting lower jaw. It is distinguishedExpand
Abundance of Natural Trout Stocks, Interactıon of Antropogenıc Processes and Hyro Power Plants in the River Basin of Rize City
Dogu Karadeniz havzasinda tatli su potansiyeli ve dogal alabalik stoklari acisindan zengin oldugu bilinen Rize ili akarsu ekosistemleri sagliginin en onemli gostergesi dogal alabalik stoklaridir.Expand
New records of Pseudophoxinus firati from Turkey (Teleostei: Leuciscidae)
Pseudophoxinus firati was described from one spring in the upper Euphrates River drainage in Turkey but these findings largely expand the distribution area of the species and its habitats are discussed. Expand
The systematic position of Acanthalburnus microlepis (De Filippi, 1863) and contributions to the genus Acanthobrama (Cyprinidae: Leuciscinae) in Turkey
In this study, the systematic position of Acanthalburnus microlepis from Kura and Aras basins is clarified and some notes on the taxonomy of the Acanthobrama species distributed in Turkey are given.Expand
Pre-treatment with nanofiltration (NF) in seawater desalination—Preliminary integrated membrane tests in Urla, Turkey
Abstract In this study, the applicability of nanofiltration (NF) was investigated as a pre-treatment stage of reverse osmosis (RO) process for seawater desalination. The desalination performance ofExpand
Salmo kottelati, a new species of trout from Alakır Stream, draining to the Mediterranean in southern Anatolia, Turkey (Teleostei, Salmonidae)
Abstract Salmo kottelati sp. n., is described from Alakır Stream (Mediterranean basin) in Turkey. It is distinguished from other Anatolian Salmo species by a combination of the following charactersExpand
Alburnoides manyasensis (Actinopterygii, Cyprinidae), a new species of cyprinid fish from Manyas Lake basin, Turkey
Abstract Alburnoides manyasensis, sp. n., is described from the Koca Stream (Lake Manyas drainage, Marmara Sea basin) in Anatolia. It is distinguished from all species of Alburnoides in Turkey andExpand