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Positive Psychology: The Science at the Heart of Coaching.
WHAT YOU WILL understand by the end of this chapter is how the new field of positive psychology provides a robust theoretical and empirical base for the artful practice of life and executiveExpand
Superkids: competent children of psychotic mothers.
In a follow-up study of children of psychotic mothers, the authors examined a subgroup of outstandingly talented, colorful, and competent "high-risk" children. These children and their mothers wereExpand
Finding and fostering the positive in relationships: positive interventions in couples therapy.
Research of positive psychology interventions (PPIs) has expanded dramatically in recent years, and many novel PPIs may be useful in couples therapy. The present work identifies, summarizes, andExpand
Children of depressed and schizophrenic mothers
A sample of psychotic mothers and their children who were five years or younger when first recruited for our study of high risk children was followed up five years later. The current sample, obtainedExpand
The blind men and the elephant: using criteria of universality and uniqueness in evaluating our attempts to define coaching
In our previous editorials we have examined a range of issues that are relevant to coaches, academics and researchers on coaching. We have welcomed wholeheartedly a wide variety of perspectives onExpand
The last word: how to move from good to great coaching by drawing on the full range of what you know
Through the years we have all attended numerous training events and have many interventions in our toolkits. But, when we’re with a coachee, are we able to harness everything we know in order to beExpand
An International Journal of Theory, Research & Practice: why does it matter?
The purpose and intention of this journal is to equip coaches with an overview of current knowledge in the field of coaching. Why does it matter? Coaching is now becoming a more mature profession. AsExpand