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Radiation tolerance in the tardigrade Milnesium tardigradum
Gamma-irradiation shortened average life span in a dose-dependent manner both in hydrated and anhydrobiotic groups and made tardigradum sterile.
Activation of Src Family Kinase Yes Induced by Shiga Toxin Binding to Globotriaosyl Ceramide (Gb3/CD77) in Low Density, Detergent-insoluble Microdomains*
Gb3-enriched microdomains containing cholesterol were deeply involved in Stx signal transduction and were assumed to be activated and show increased Triton X-100 solubility in the early phase of retrograde endocytosis of Stx-Gb3 complex.
How Drosophila species acquire cold tolerance--qualitative changes of phospholipids.
Comparison of the membrane phospholipids of six temperate and subtropical species belonging to the Drosophila melanogaster species group shows that with enhancement of cold tolerance, the percentages of monoenoic acids increased but the percentage of dienoic fatty acids decreased, which probably contribute to keeping the homeoviscosity of the cellular membranes in a manner different to that in phosphatidylcholine-rich membranes, thereby increasing cold tolerance.
Reexamination of properties of prophenoloxidase isolated from larval hemolymph of the silkworm Bombyx mori.
Amino acid compositions and peptide mappings of proPO polypeptides indicated that both polyPEptides differ in their primary structures.
Establishment of a rearing system of the extremotolerant tardigrade Ramazzottius varieornatus: a new model animal for astrobiology.
The successful rearing of the herbivorous tardigrade, Ramazzottius varieornatus, by supplying the green alga Chlorella vulgaris as food is reported, and it is reported that the reared individuals of this species had an anhydrobiotic capacity throughout their life cycle in egg, juvenile, and adult stages.
Chemical factors of the leaf surface involved in the morphogenesis of Blumeria graminis
It was concluded that C26 aldehyde, a component of barley wax, is the factor highly responsible for the APP differentiation of B. graminis.
Small-angle x-ray scattering study of insect lipophorin.