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Unit Commitment With Volatile Node Injections by Using Interval Optimization
  • Yang Wang, Q. Xia, C. Kang
  • Engineering
  • IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
  • 7 February 2011
In response to the challenges brought by uncertain bus load and volatile wind power to power system security, this paper presents a novel unit commitment formulation based on interval numberExpand
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Increasing the Flexibility of Combined Heat and Power for Wind Power Integration in China: Modeling and Implications
With the largest installed capacity in the world, wind power in China is experiencing a ~ 20% curtailment during operation. The large portion of the generation capacity from inflexible combined heatExpand
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Robust Optimization-Based Resilient Distribution Network Planning Against Natural Disasters
This paper proposes a resilient distribution network planning problem (RDNP) to coordinate the hardening and distributed generation resource allocation with the objective of minimizing the system damage under natural disasters. Expand
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Review of Smart Meter Data Analytics: Applications, Methodologies, and Challenges
This paper conducts a comprehensive overview of the current research and to identify challenges for future research, this paper conducts an application-oriented review of smart meter data analytics. Expand
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Modeling Conditional Forecast Error for Wind Power in Generation Scheduling
The integration of wind power requires additional operating reserves to cope with the uncertainty in power system operation. Previous research shows that the uncertainty of the wind power forecastExpand
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Review and prospect of integrated demand response in the multi-energy system
In this paper, the state-of-the-art of IDR in the MES is reviewed for the first time. Expand
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Data-Driven Power Flow Linearization: A Regression Approach
The linearization of a power flow (PF) model is an important approach for simplifying and accelerating the calculation of power system’s control, operation, and optimization. Expand
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Load profiling and its application to demand response: A review
The smart grid has been revolutionizing electrical generation and consumption through a two-way flow of power and information. Expand
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Dependent Discrete Convolution Based Probabilistic Load Flow for the Active Distribution System
Active distribution system (ADS) plays a significant role in enabling the integration of distributed generation. The stochastic nature of renewable energy resources injects the complex uncertaintiesExpand
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Linear three-phase power flow for unbalanced active distribution networks with PV nodes
This paper proposes an approximate linear three-phase power flow model for an ADN with the consideration of the ZIP model of the loads and PV nodes. Expand
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