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A λ2 mm molecular line survey of the C-star envelope IRC+10216
The mm-wave spectrum of the C-star envelope IRC+10216 has been continuously surveyed between 129.0 and 172.5 GHz with the IRAM 30-m telescope. 380 lines are detected, of which 317 have been identied.Expand
Change in the chemical composition of infalling gas forming a disk around a protostar
It is reported that the unsaturated hydrocarbon molecule cyclic-C3H2 resides in the infalling rotating envelope, whereas sulphur monoxide is enhanced in the transition zone at the radius of the centrifugal barrier (100 ± 20 au), which is the radius at which the kinetic energy of the inf falling gas is converted to rotational energy. Expand
Constraining the abundances of complex organics in the inner regions of solar-type protostars
The high abundances of Complex Organic Molecules (COMs) with respect to methanol, the most abundant COM, detected towards low-mass protostars, tend to be underpredicted by astrochemical models. ThisExpand
Detection of complex organic molecules in a prestellar core: a new challenge for astrochemical models
Context. Complex organic molecules (COMs) have long been detected in the interstellar medium, especially in hot cores and in the hot corinos of low-mass protostars. Their formation routes howeverExpand
A study of deuterated water in the low-mass protostar IRAS 16293-2422
Context. Water is a primordial species in the emergence of life, and comets may have brought a large fraction to Earth to form the oceans. To understand the evolution of water from the first stagesExpand
TIMASSS: the IRAS 16293-2422 millimeter and submillimeter spectral survey. I. Observations, calibration, and analysis of the line kinematics
While unbiased surveys observable from ground-based telescopes have previously been obtained towards several high mass protostars, very little exists on low mass protostars. To fill up this gap, weExpand
Molecular abundances in the inner layers of IRC +10216
Observations towards IRC +10216 of CS, SiO, SiS, NaCl, KCl, AlCl, AlF, and NaCN have been carried out with the IRAM 30-m telescope in the 80-357.5 GHz frequency range. A large number of rotationalExpand
A 12CO ($J=1\rightarrow 0$) and ($J=2\rightarrow 1$) atlas of circumstellar envelopes of AGB and post-AGB stars
We present the results of a 12 CO () and () survey on a sample of 46 objects classified as AGB and post-AGB stars. We have obtained fully sampled high resolution maps of their 12 CO () emission byExpand
Orbiting Molecular Reservoirs around Evolved Red Giant Stars
We report molecular emission from the circumstellar envelopes of two carbon-rich stars with oxygen-rich envelopes, EU And and BM Gem. We find a narrow (FWHM ~ 5 km s-1) CO (2-1) emission line from EUExpand
A Keplerian disk around the Herbig Ae star HD 34282
We report new millimeter observations of the circumstellar material surrounding the Herbig Ae A0.5 star HD 34282 performed with the IRAM array in CO J=2-1 and in continuum at 1.3 mm. TheseExpand