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A new approach for measuring uncertainty importance and distributional sensitivity in probabilistic safety assessment
Abstract The uncertainty importance and distributional sensitivity analyses provide information on the relative contribution of the input uncertainties to the output uncertainty and the relativeExpand
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HYPER (Hybrid Power Extraction Reactor) : A system for clean nuclear energy
Abstract The Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) has been performing accelerator driven system related research and development (RID) called HYPER (HYbrid Power Extraction Reactor) for theExpand
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Characterization of a Source Importance Function in an Accelerator-Driven System
Abstract An importance function of the external spallation neutrons in an accelerator-driven system (ADS) has been introduced and characterized to address the source multiplication in a subcriticalExpand
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A New Dynamic HRA Method and Its Application
This paper present a new dynamic HRA (Human Reliability Analysis) method and its application for Quantifying the human error probabilities in implementing an accident management action. ForExpand
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Development of a Computer Code, CONPAS, for an Integrated Level 2 PSA
A PC window-based computer code, CONPAS (CONtainment Performance Analysis System), has been developed to integrate the numerical, graphical, and results-operation aspects of Level 2 probabilisticExpand
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A preliminary design study for the HYPER system
Abstract In order to transmute the long-lived radioactive nuclides such as transuranics (TRU), Tc-99, and I-129 in LWR spent fuel, a preliminary conceptual design study has been performed for anExpand
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On the Tools of Decision Trees and Influence Diagrams for Assessing Severe Accident Management Strategies
Accident Management involves all measures to prevent core damage and retain the core within the reactor vessel, maintain containment integrity and minimize off-site releases. The accident managementExpand
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Optimization of Height-to-Diameter Ratio for an Accelerator-Driven System
Abstract The height-to-diameter (H/D) ratio of a lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE)-cooled accelerator-driven system (ADS) has been evaluated in terms of the neutron multiplication, the coolant void worth,Expand
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A Preliminary Design Concept of the HYPER System
In order to transmute long-lived radioactive nuclides such as transuranics(TRU), Tc-99, and I- l29 in LWR spent fuel, a preliminary conceptual design study has been performed for the acceleratorExpand
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A Design Study for 99Tc and 129I Transmutation in the HYPER System
Abstract A design study for the fission product (FP) target was performed to maximize the transmutation of 99Tc and 129I in the Hybrid Power Extraction Reactor (HYPER) system without causing any coreExpand
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