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Biochemical basis of enhanced drug bioavailability by piperine: evidence that piperine is a potent inhibitor of drug metabolism.
Piperine, a major active component of black and long peppers, has been reported to enhance drug bioavailability. The present studies were aimed at understanding the interaction of piperine withExpand
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Immunomodulating agents of plant origin. I: Preliminary screening.
The immunobiological activity was investigated of certain medicinal plants widely used in the Ayurvedic and Unani systems of medicine for treatment of chronic infections and immunological disorders.Expand
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Scientific evidence on the role of Ayurvedic herbals on bioavailability of drugs.
Experiments were conducted to evaluate the scientific basis of the use of the trikatu group of acrids (long pepper, black pepper and ginger) in the large number of prescriptions in Ayurveda. [3H]Expand
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Influence of piperine on rifampicin blood levels in patients of pulmonary tuberculosis.
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Vasicine, alkaloid of Adhatoda vasica, a promising uterotonic abortifacient.
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Ethno-medico-botanical investigations in Kerala I. Some primitive tribals of western ghats and their herbal medicine.
Ethno-medico-botanical investigations of seven primitive tribals, Cholanaikken, Pathinaikken, Paniyan, Kuruman, Irular, Adiyan and Kurichan, living in the densely forested high-lands of western ghatsExpand
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Pharmacology of an extract of salai guggal ex-Boswellia serrata, a new non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent
Pharmacological evaluation of alcoholic extract of salai guggal (AESG) has been carried out in experimental animals. AESG displayed marked anti-inflammatory activity in carrageenan induced oedema inExpand
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Piperine-mediated inhibition of glucuronidation activity in isolated epithelial cells of the guinea-pig small intestine: evidence that piperine lowers the endogeneous UDP-glucuronic acid content.
Piperine (1-peperoyl piperidine), a major component of the Piper species was reported recently by us to inhibit the activities of rat hepatic monooxygenases and UDP-glucuronyltransferase. This studyExpand
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The chemistry of Indian Piper species.
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