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Trends in the Level of Evidence in Clinical Hand Surgery Research
Background: The application of evidence-based medicine (EBM) to the practice of hand surgery has been limited. Production of high-quality research is an integral component of EBM. With considerableExpand
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Factors influencing microsurgical skill acquisition during a dedicated training course
Proficient microsurgical skills are considered essential in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Specialized courses offer trainees opportunity to improve their technical skills. Trainee aptitude mayExpand
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Flexor tendon repair: a comparative study between a knotless barbed suture repair and a traditional four-strand monofilament suture repair
We compared the tensile strength of a novel knotless barbed suture method with a traditional four-strand Adelaide technique for flexor tendon repairs. Forty fresh porcine flexor tendons wereExpand
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The 100 top-cited classic papers in hand surgery
Abstract The number of citations that a published article has received reflects the importance that paper has on that area of practice. In hand surgery, it is unknown which journal articles are citedExpand
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An Assessment of Histological Margins and Recurrence of Melanoma In Situ
Background: Melanoma in situ (MIS) accounts for up to 27% of all melanomas. MIS has no metastatic potential and the aim should be to excise the lesion completely with a clear histological margin,Expand
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A Barbed Suture Repair For Flexor Tendons: A Novel Technique With No Exposed Barbs
Background: Barbed suture technology has shown promise in flexor tendon repairs, as there is an even distribution of load and the need for a knot is eliminated. We propose that a quick and simple,Expand
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An Analysis of the “Classic” Papers in Aesthetic Surgery
IntroductionOver the past 50 years, there has been a significant increase in published articles in the medical literature. The aesthetic surgery literature is vast, consisting of a plethora ofExpand
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Hands of a surgeon: Second to fourth digit ratios in the surgical profession
Abstract Second to fourth digit ratio (2D:4D) is a sexually dimorphic trait and a low ratio has been shown to be linked with a heightened visuospatial ability. Surgeons are typically renowned forExpand
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Levels of Evidence in the Plastic Surgery Literature: A Citation Analysis of the Top 50 'Classic' Papers
Background The plastic surgery literature is vast, consisting of a plethora of diverse articles written by a myriad of illustrious authors. Despite this considerable archive of published material, itExpand
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Plastic Surgery and the Breast: A Citation Analysis of the Literature
Background: A large proportion of the plastic surgery literature is dedicated to the breast. It is one of the most common topics in our specialty, yet it is unclear which articles have been the mostExpand
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