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Are Mental Disorders Brain Disorders?
  • C. Joubert
  • Medicine
  • Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry
  • 1 December 2015
The mission of the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health is to transform understanding and treatment of mental disorders. According to its former director, Dr. Thomas Insel, fundamental to itsExpand
Mindfulness and the brain : a Christian critique of some aspects of neuroscience
The aim in this paper is to critique some aspects of neuro-scientific studies on mindfulness and mindful practices. Firstly, because of the often mistaken assumption that it is something totally new;Expand
Scientific Evidence Indicates Natural Selection and Brain-Based Education Conflict with Human Nature
Natural selection is the key concept in the evolution story explaining the existence of living objects and their properties. The concept of natural selection must also be taught to be understood, butExpand
Created Kinds and Essential Natures : A Biblical and Philosophical Response to Evolutionists
ISSN: 1937-9056 Copyright © 2011 Answers in Genesis. All rights reserved. Consent is given to unlimited copying, downloading, quoting from, and distribution of this article for non-commercial,Expand
Emergentism and the Rejection of Spirit Entities: A Response to Christian Physicalists
Emergentism comprises two theses: (1) there is no such thing as a pure spiritual mental being because there is nothing that can have a mental property without having a physical property, and (2)Expand
The Most High and the Axiology of Genesis 1 : Could God Create Everything Good from the Beginning ?
ISSN: 1937-9056 Copyright © 2018 Answers in Genesis, Inc. All content is owned by Answers in Genesis (“AiG”) unless otherwise indicated. AiG consents to unlimited copying and distribution of printExpand
Destruction of the human embryo in stem cell research and the moral status of the unborn in the South African regulatory framework - a Christian assessment
One of the most prominent controversies of the last decade has been human embryo research, as obtaining stem cells typically requires the destruction of the embryo. The South African Bill of RightsExpand
Die religieusiteit van J.C. Smuts met verwysing na Holism and evolution
Generaal Jan Christiaan Smuts was ’n veelsydige persoon, soos byvoorbeeld duidelik blyk uit sy boek Holism and evolution. Tog was nie net sy veelsydigheid nie, maar ook die boek en Smuts se begripExpand
Christians, the Brain, and Person: Conceptual Confusion, Unintelligibility, and Implications
That psychological properties can be attributed to a brain has become a popular notion, even among biblical Christians. Some claim that a brain designs a computer, determines what is true, recognizesExpand
Adam, Free Choice, and the Cause of Sin: A Creationist Response to a Christian Evolutionist
The presence of moral evil (sin) in the world is relatively easy for the Christian creationist to explain, and free choice is key to that explanation. To Christian evolutionist and professor ofExpand