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Assessing the effects of land-use change on plant traits, communities and ecosystem functioning in grasslands: a standardized methodology and lessons from an application to 11 European sites.
BACKGROUND AND AIMS A standardized methodology to assess the impacts of land-use changes on vegetation and ecosystem functioning is presented. It assumes that species traits are central to theseExpand
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Leaf Traits as Functional Descriptors of the Intensity of Continuous Grazing in Native Grasslands in the South of Brazil
Abstract Plant functional types (PFT) have been used to describe the response of native vegetation to environmental factors (i.e., fertility) and to livestock disturbance, but rarely under conditionsExpand
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Leaf traits capture the effects of land use changes and climate on litter decomposability of grasslands across Europe.
Land use and climate changes induce shifts in plant functional diversity and community structure, thereby modifying ecosystem processes. This is particularly true for litter decomposition, anExpand
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Phosphorus management in low input stockless cropping systems : Crop and soil responses to contrasting P regimes in a 36-year experiment in southern France
Abstract Fertiliser recommendation systems should aim at a finer tuning of non-renewable P inputs for agronomic, environmental and economic reasons. Modern decision support systems should take intoExpand
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Root and leaf functional trait relations in Poaceae species: implications of differing resource-acquisition strategies
Aims Root systems play an essential role in grassland functioning in both acquisition and storage of resources. Nevertheless, root functional traits have not received as much attention as thoseExpand
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Dynamics of diffusive soil phosphorus in two grassland experiments determined both in field and laboratory conditions
This work aimed to test the ability of laboratory experiments to predict long term changes in plant-available soil P in two grassland experiments carried out on a Luvisol (Erce´, French Pyrenees) andExpand
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Biological Phosphorus Cycling in Grasslands: Interactions with Nitrogen
The complexity of soil–plant–animal interactions in grassland ecosystems highlights the importance of studying biological phosphorus (P) cycling in relation with that of nitrogen (N). Several caseExpand
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Une nouvelle approche pour caractériser les prairies naturelles et leur valeur d'usage
La vegetation des prairies naturelles peut etre decrite de maniere simple par la constitution de groupes d’especes ayant des fonctions similaires et partageant des caracteristiques biologiquesExpand
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