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Effect of budesonide/formoterol maintenance and reliever therapy on asthma exacerbations
This randomised, double‐blind, 6‐month study compared budesonide/formoterol for maintenance and relief with salmeterol/fluticasone and a fixed maintenance dose of budesonide/formoterol, both withExpand
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As‐Needed Budesonide–Formoterol versus Maintenance Budesonide in Mild Asthma
Background Patients with mild asthma often rely on inhaled short‐acting β2‐agonists for symptom relief and have poor adherence to maintenance therapy. Another approach might be for patients toExpand
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Inhaled Combined Budesonide–Formoterol as Needed in Mild Asthma
Background In patients with mild asthma, as‐needed use of an inhaled glucocorticoid plus a fast‐acting β2‐agonist may be an alternative to conventional treatment strategies. Methods We conducted aExpand
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Budesonide/formoterol in a single inhaler for maintenance and relief in mild-to-moderate asthma: a randomized, double-blind trial.
STUDY OBJECTIVE To compare a novel asthma management strategy--budesonide/formoterol in a single inhaler for both maintenance therapy and symptom relief--with a higher dose of budesonide plusExpand
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Adjustable maintenance dosing with budesonide/formoterol compared with fixed-dose salmeterol/fluticasone in moderate to severe asthma
SUMMARY Background: Current asthma guidelines recommend that patients are educated to adjust their medication according to their asthma severity using physician-guided self-management plans. However,Expand
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Serious Asthma Events with Budesonide plus Formoterol vs. Budesonide Alone.
BACKGROUND Concerns remain about the safety of adding long-acting β2-agonists to inhaled glucocorticoids for the treatment of asthma. In a postmarketing safety study mandated by the Food and DrugExpand
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Budesonide/formoterol improves lung function compared with budesonide alone in children with asthma 1
We aimed to compare the efficacy and safety of budesonide/formoterol (Symbicort®) with budesonide alone (Pulmicort®) or budesonide (Pulmicort) and formoterol (Oxis®) administered via separateExpand
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Budesonide/formoterol maintenance and reliever therapy in adolescent patients with asthma
Asthma control is often suboptimal in adolescents, but few studies have evaluated asthma treatments in this population. This post hoc analysis assessed the efficacy and safety ofExpand
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Eff ect of budesonide in combination with formoterol for reliever therapy in asthma exacerbations : a randomised controlled , double-blind study
Background The contributions of as-needed inhaled corticosteroids and long-acting β2 agonists (LABA) to asthma control have not been fully established. We compared the effi cacy and safety of threeExpand
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Effect of budesonide/formoterol pressurized metered-dose inhaler on exacerbations versus formoterol in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: The 6-month, randomized RISE (Revealing the Impact of
BACKGROUND Prevention of exacerbations is a primary goal for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) therapy. This randomized, double-blind, double-dummy, parallel-group, multicenter studyExpand
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