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Performance analysis of a HAT tidal current turbine and wake flow characteristics
Having very strong current on the west coast with up to 10 m tidal range, there are many suitable sites for the application of tidal current power (TCP) in Korea. The turbine, which initiallyExpand
Interaction of Multi Arrayed Current Power Generations
The tidal current power generation can be very suitable and predictable renewable energy source in Korean western and southern coastal regions as characterized with very high current speed. BeingExpand
Tidal turbine wakes : small scale experimental and initial computational modelling
Paper describes tidal turbine wakes using small scale experimental and initial computational modelling.
Parametric study on offshore jacket launching
Platform structures are commonly utilized for various purposes including offshore drilling, processing and support of offshore operations. Jacket type structures are attractive in relatively shallowExpand
Concept study of offshore wind and tidal hybrid conversion based on real time simulation
This paper deals with a conversion system concept based on the real time simulation of a hybrid offshore wind and tidal current system. In order to provide reliable, environmental, and costeffectiveExpand
Multi-arrayed tidal current energy farm and the integration method of the power transportation
Ocean energy resources are attractive renewable supply options for Korea being surround by ocean. Also having very strong tidal current speeds, there are many suitable sites for the application ofExpand
Performance of horizontal axis tidal current turbine by blade configuration
The west and south coastal region of Korea has very strong tidal current speeds and therefore accommodates many suitable sites for the application of TCP (Tidal Current Power). The maximum currentExpand
Recent TCP (Tidal Current Power) projects in Korea
Having strong current on the west coast with up to 10 m tidal range in Korea, there are many suitable and applicable locations for TCP (Tidal Current Power) application in Korea. Not only the westExpand
FSI analysis of deformation along offshore pile structure for tidal current power
Due to global warming, the need to secure an alternative clean energy resource has become an international issue. Tidal current power is now recognized as one of the clean power resources in Korea,Expand
Wake Effect on HAT Tidal Current Power Device Performance
The rotor that initially converts the flow energy into rotational energy is a very important component that affects the efficiency of the entire tidal current power system. Rotor performance isExpand