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Photosensitive polyurethanes applied to the development of CHEMFET and ENFET devices for biomedical sensing.
Chemical microsensors based on ion-selective field effect transistor (ISFET) transducers with ion-selective and enzymatic membranes have been fabricated. In this case, photolithographically patternedExpand
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Trace Elements Distribution in Red Soils under Semiarid Mediterranean Environment
This study states the potential trace elements (TE’s) content of red soils located at the centre region of Spain, characterized by low rainfall and slight acidity over prolonged weathering periods.Expand
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Application of sugar foam to red soils in a semiarid Mediterranean environment
The study described here involved evaluating the effects that the application of one by-product (sugar foam waste) has upon red soils in the region of La Mancha (Central Spain). In view of the factExpand
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Description of red soils in a semi-arid climate and evaluation for vineyard (Vitis vinifera L.) use.
Three profiles along the slope of a quartzite hill have been studied and characterized. Pedological (e.g. horizons, depth, shape of boundary, stoniness and structure), physical (color, texture andExpand
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Folate-intercalated layered double hydroxide as a vehicle for cyclophosphamide, a non-ionic anti-cancer drug
Layered double hydroxides (LDH) are matrices with interlayer anions that can be exchanged with several types of organic or inorganic anions. Due to the anion-exchange capability, hundreds of newExpand
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Monitoring of bentonite pore water with a probe based on solid-state microsensors.
Repositories for the disposal of radioactive waste generally rely on a multi-barrier system to isolate the waste from the biosphere. This multi-barrier system typically comprises the naturalExpand
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Red soil geochemistry in a semiarid Mediterranean environment and its suitability for vineyards.
A geochemical study of a red soil derived from plioquaternary materials was carried out. The soil was located in a region of complex geomorphology and pedologic evolution, with particularExpand
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Dysprosium-containing layered double hydroxides nanoparticles intercalated with biologically active species as an approach for theranostic systems
Abstract A layered double hydroxide structure including dysprosium cations was prepared by co-precipitation. The nanoparticles showed a linear relationship with the reciprocal relaxation spin-latticeExpand
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Arritmia por doble vía intranodal con descompensación hemodinámica grave en un retrasplante hepático
We report the case of a man who developed tachycardia caused by atrioventricular reentry related to dual nodal conduction during liver retransplantation. The hemodynamic alterations were severe.Expand
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EIS-Capacitor-Based LC Wireless Chemical Sensors
The development of new wireless sensors for the measurement of different chemical parameters is reported. A high quality factor EIS (Electrolyte-Insulator-Silicon) capacitor is used as anExpand
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