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Synthesis of chalcones via Claisen–Schmidt condensation reaction catalyzed by acyclic acidic ionic liquids
Abstract Some recyclable acyclic SO 3 H-functionalized ionic liquids have been used as catalysts for the synthesis of chalcones by Claisen–Schmidt condensation. The chalcones could simply beExpand
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Molecular and Biological Characterization of Chinese Sacbrood Virus LN Isolate
Chinese sacbrood virus (CSBV) was purified from diseased insects, and its genome was cloned and sequenced. The genomic RNA of CSBV is 8863 nucleotides in length and contains a single large openExpand
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The Factors Affecting Musk Secretion Quantity in Moschus berezovskii
In this study,the effcet of the male musk deer's age,booming period's length of musk secretion and nutritional level of protein on the musk secretion quantity and effective musk extraction rate wasExpand
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Synthesis of Coumarins via Pechmann Reaction in Water Catalyzed by Acyclic Acidic Ionic Liquids
Some recyclable acyclic SO3H-functionalized ionic liquids have been used as catalysts for Pechmann condensation reaction. N, N, N-trimethyl-N-propanesulfonic acid ammonium hydrogen sulfateExpand
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Thermal shock and fatigue resistance evaluation of functionally graded coating for gas turbine blades by laser heating method
This paper presents results of thermal shock and fatigue tests conducted on ZrO2-based thermal barrier coating systems under the temperature environments for advanced gas turbines. A CO2 laserExpand
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Flowering phenology and morphology on almond
Flowering phenology and some related characteristics,morphology of flowers and pollens of 4 almond cultivars in Karshi Prefacture were studied and the following conclusions were drawn:The bloomingExpand
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Hydrocracking of Gudao Residual Oil with Dispersed Catalysts Using Supercritical Water-Syngas as a Hydrogen Source. Part II: The Comparison of Residue Hydrocracking in Different Hydrogen Sources
Abstract Different catalytical hydrogen sources were compared with molecular hydrogen gas in the hydrocracking of Gudao residue in the presence of catalysts (PMA). The results showed that alternativeExpand
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The Chinese High-Energy Photon Source and its R&D Project
Synchrotron radiation facilities are indispensable in numerous forefront areas. Until now, the electron energies of all photon sources in China have been in the medium- and low-energy regions.Expand
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Predication of spatial structure and B cell epitope of VP1 protein of Chinese sacbrood virus LN-QY strain.
Objective To predict the spatial structure and B cell antigenic epitope of VP3 protein of Chinese sacbrood virus(CSBV) LN-QY strain.Methods VP3 gene was cloned from the total RNA of larva of beesExpand
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