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Pontibacillus chungwhensis gen. nov., sp. nov., a moderately halophilic Gram-positive bacterium from a solar saltern in Korea.
Three moderately halophilic, spore-forming strains, designated BH030062T, BH030049 and BH030080, were isolated from a solar saltern in Korea. Phylogenetic analyses and comparative 16S rRNA geneExpand
Metagenomic Analysis of Kimchi, a Traditional Korean Fermented Food
ABSTRACT Kimchi, a traditional food in the Korean culture, is made from vegetables by fermentation. In this study, metagenomic approaches were used to monitor changes in bacterial populations,Expand
Bacterial community composition and chitinase gene diversity of vermicompost with antifungal activity.
Bacterial communities and chitinase gene diversity of vermicompost (VC) were investigated to clarify the influence of earthworms on the inhibition of plant pathogenic fungi in VC. The sporeExpand
Effect of HRT on the biological pre-denitrification process for the simultaneous removal of toxic pollutants from cokes wastewater.
A lab-scale serial anoxic-aerobic reactor for the pre-denitrification process was continuously operated to efficiently and economically treat actual cokes wastewater containing various pollutants,Expand
Discovery of a bacterium, with distinctive dioxygenase, that is responsible for in situ biodegradation in contaminated sediment
Microorganisms maintain the biosphere by catalyzing biogeochemical processes, including biodegradation of organic chemical pollutants. Yet seldom have the responsible agents and their respectiveExpand
Lysobacter capsici sp. nov., with antimicrobial activity, isolated from the rhizosphere of pepper, and emended description of the genus Lysobacter.
The taxonomic position of a novel bacterial strain, YC5194(T), with antimicrobial activity, isolated from the rhizosphere of pepper in Jinju, South Korea, was studied using a polyphasic approach.Expand
Comparative Survey of Rumen Microbial Communities and Metabolites across One Caprine and Three Bovine Groups, Using Bar-Coded Pyrosequencing and 1H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
ABSTRACT Pyrosequencing of 16S rRNA genes (targeting Bacteria and Archaea) and 1H nuclear magnetic resonance were applied to investigate the rumen microbiota and metabolites of Hanwoo steers in theExpand
Bacterial community analysis during fermentation of ten representative kinds of kimchi with barcoded pyrosequencing.
Kimchi, a food made of fermented vegetables, is densely populated by indigenous microorganisms that originate from the raw ingredients under normal conditions. Most microbiological studies on kimchiExpand
Polaromonas naphthalenivorans sp. nov., a naphthalene-degrading bacterium from naphthalene-contaminated sediment.
Strain CJ2T, capable of growth on naphthalene as a sole carbon and energy source, was isolated from coal-tar-contaminated freshwater sediment. The Gram reaction of strain CJ2T was negative. The cellsExpand
High resolution depth distribution of Bacteria, Archaea, methanotrophs, and methanogens in the bulk and rhizosphere soils of a flooded rice paddy
The communities and abundances of methanotrophs and methanogens, along with the oxygen, methane, and total organic carbon (TOC) concentrations, were investigated along a depth gradient in a floodedExpand