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Inertial navigation systems with geodetic applications
Coordinate frames and transformations ordinary differential equations inertial measurement unit inertial navigation system system error dynamics stochastic processes and error models linearExpand
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Alternative methods to smooth the Earth's gravity field
Convolutions on the sphere with corresponding convolution theorems are developed for one and two dimensional functions. Some of these results are used in a study of isotropic smoothing operators orExpand
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An analysis of vertical deflections derived from high-degree spherical harmonic models
Abstract. The theoretical differences between the Helmert deflection of the vertical and that computed from a truncated spherical harmonic series of the gravity field, aside from the limited spectralExpand
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The determination of gravitational potential differences from satellite-to-satellite tracking
A new, rigorous model is developed for the difference of gravitational potential between two close earth-orbiting satellites in terms of measured range-rates, velocities and velocity differences, andExpand
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Non-isotropic filtering of GRACE temporal gravity for geophysical signal enhancement
SUMMARY Monthly mass variations within the Earth system produce temporal gravity changes, which are observable by the NASA/GFZ Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) twin-satellite system.Expand
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Time‐variable aliasing effects of ocean tides, atmosphere, and continental water mass on monthly mean GRACE gravity field
[1] The Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellite mission will provide new measurements of Earth's static and time-variable gravity fields with monthly resolution. The temporalExpand
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Heights, the Geopotential, and Vertical Datums
Technical Report. Ohio Sea Grant Development Program, NOAA. Grant No. NA86RG0053 (R/CE-7-PD). "Modern Vertical Datums and Lake Level".
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9 The Global Positioning System (GPS)
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The downward continuation to the earth's surface of truncated spherical and ellipsoidal harmonic series of the gravity and height anomalies.
Abstract : The problem of divergence of the geopotential spherical harmonic series at the earth's surface is investigated from a numerical, rather than a theoretical approach. It is shown thatExpand
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A new approach for airborne vector gravimetry using GPS/INS
Abstract. A new method for airborne vector gravimetry using GPS/INS has been developed and the results are presented. The new algorithm uses kinematic accelerations as updates instead of positions orExpand
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