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Developmental changes in tympanometry: a case study.
It is suggested that high-frequency probe tones were able to increase test sensitivity to the mechanics of the middle ear when it was mass-dominated, as in this infant.
A pilot investigation of high-frequency audiometry in obscure auditory dysfunction (OAD) patients.
It is proposed that OAD in fact, is the product of an ultra-high-frequency hearing impairment and its psychoacoustic sequelae and the degree to which it can be used may be limited due to the large intersubject variability in HFA thresholds in the normal population.
The use of nasal CPAP at the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital
NCPAP is an effective intervention for HMD; it is both cost-effective and easy to use in a resource-limited setting, and reduces the morbidity and mortality associated with ICU admission.
Chylothorax in a child with rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis
A child on standard four-drug TB treatment who presented with wheezing and a chylothorax was presented and rifampicin-resistant TB was identified from the bronchoalveolar lavage specimen.
The efficacy of the Prescription of Gain/Output (POGO) in fitting hearing aids to mild and moderate sensorineural hearing losses.
The application of POGO results in improved word recognition scores and self-reported user satisfaction and the extent to which the required functional gain measurements were met, was investigated statistically in relation to word recognition Scores and subjective ratings of perceived benefit.
A new look at cochlear mechanics.
  • C. Jardine
  • Computer Science, Medicine
    The South African journal of communication…
  • 31 December 1993
This paper briefly contrasts the previously established cochlear theories proposed by doyens such as Helmholtz and von Békésy with current perspectives advanced by cell biologists and biophysicists.