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Loss of CTL function among high-avidity tumor-specific CD8+ T cells following tumor infiltration.
A major problem in generating effective antitumor CTL responses is that most tumors express self-antigens to which the immune system is rendered unresponsive due to mechanisms of self-toleranceExpand
Immunology of Diabetes Society T‐Cell Workshop: HLA class I tetramer‐directed epitope validation initiative T‐Cell Workshop Report—HLA Class I Tetramer Validation Initiative
Identification of T‐cell reactivity to β‐cell antigen epitopes is an important goal for studying pathogenesis and for designing and monitoring of immunotherapeutic interventions in type 1 diabetesExpand
Abortive activation precedes functional deletion of CD8+ T cells following encounter with self‐antigens expressed by resting B cells in vivo
InsHA mice express the haemagglutinin (HA) protein from influenza virus A/PR/8 H1N1 (PR8) as a self antigen on pancreatic islet β cells. We have utilized these mice to investigate the ability ofExpand