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Studies on Characteristics of Sprouting and Occurrence on paddy field of Water Chestnut(Eleocharis Kuroguwai Ohwi)
As a consequence of wide use of herbicides, Eleocharis kuroguwai Ohwi became a dorminant problem weed for rice cultivation in Korea. To understand the establishment of the weed, experiments onExpand
Large-scale screening and characterisation of Lemna aequinoctialis and Spirodela polyrhiza strains for starch production.
This study suggests duckweed biomass production and starch production demonstrate clonal dependency, indicating that extensive clonal comparisons will be required to identify the most suitable isolates for duckweed selective breeding for bioethanol. Expand
Studies on Tuberization Characteristics of Water Chestnut(Eleocharis Kuroguwai Ohwi)
Tuber weight was increased from the surface to 20cm soil depths, but that formed below 20cm was almost same and no tillage resulted in more tuber formation which were distributed at upper soil layers when compared to conventional tillage. Expand
Development of Auto‐Mounting System for Screening Protein Crystals
We are developing a robotic system for auto‐mounting protein crystals from a sample cassette in liquid nitrogen to a goniometer head. A small industrial six joint axis robot is adopted for thisExpand
Survey of Weed Population Distribution and Change of Dominant Weed Species on Paddy Field in Kyonggi Area
The survey of weed community in paddy field was carried out to investigate the changes of weed species on 340 fields in Kyonggi Area in 1995, that is almost same condition as sampled in 1991. TheExpand