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Serotonin activation of a cyclic AMP-dependent sodium current in an identified neuron from Helisoma trivolvis
The mechanisms by which neurotransmitters regulate neurite extension and growth cone motility have been extensively studied using identified Helisoma neurons regenerating in cell culture. SpecificExpand
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Presence and biological activity of a GnRH‐like factor in the nervous system of Helisoma trivoluis
Gonadotropin‐releasing hormone (GnRH) constitutes a family of neuropeptides found throughout the vertebrates. Although a GnRH‐like peptide has also been isolated from yeast (α‐mating factor), theExpand
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Voltage-activated ionic currents in goldfish pituitary cells.
The release of gonadotropin and growth hormone from goldfish pituitary cells has been shown to be dependent on the entry of extracellular Ca2+ through voltage-sensitive Ca2+ channels byExpand
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First Moore, then Hecht: isn't it time we recognize a property interest in tissues, cells, and gametes?
Recognizing the issues created in dealing with human body parts because of medical advances, the authors examine how the law has treated and currently treats tissues, cells, and gametes. In thisExpand
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