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Taxation in the tribal areas of the Bechuanaland Protectorate, 1899-1957
This essay examines, through taxation, the relationship between British colonial administrators, Tswana Dikgosi (chiefs) and their subjects in the Bechuanaland Protectorate from 1899 to 1957. ItExpand
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Maitseo MM Bolaane, Chiefs, Hunters and San in the Creation of the Moremi Game Reserve, Okavango Delta: Multiracial Interactions and Initiatives, 1956-1979.
This book is Maitseo Bolaane’s revised doctoral thesis that was submitted at Oxford University in 2004. Bolanne demonstrates the challenges faced in the creation of a game reserve in the OkavangoExpand
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The Basutoland Congress Party in Exile: 1974–1986
Abstract This article attempts to bring to light a rather neglected aspect of the history of Botswana's role in the liberation struggle of southern Africa. It demonstrates that Botswana hosted aExpand
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Elite interests and political participation in Botswana, 1966–2014
ABSTRACT Botswana’s tiny economy is overwhelmingly government-driven and political participation, particularly on the side of the ruling party, is critical for one’s economic survival and prosperity.Expand
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Neil Parsons, National Coat of Arms, and Introduction of the Pula Currency in Botswana, 1975–1976
Abstract When the government of Botswana introduced the country's Pula currency in 1976 there had been significant involvement of the public in coming up with the name for the currency. A publicExpand
‘Plagiarism is a Great Insult’: Politics and Discourses of Intellectual Property Rights Infringement in Botswana, 1970s to 2016
Primarily utilising information in the public domain in the form of media reports on claims of plagiarism, this paper explores issues of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) infringement in BotswanaExpand
‘Very Brave or Very Foolish’? ‘Gallant Little’ Botswana’s Defiance of ‘Apartheid’s Golden Age’, 1966–1980
ABSTRACT The period from 1966 to 1979 is claimed to have been ‘apartheid’s golden age’ when the anti-apartheid forces were alleged to have largely acquiesced in the well-resourced South AfricanExpand
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