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A practical method for calculating largest Lyapunov exponents from small data sets
Detecting the presence of chaos in a dynamical system is an important problem that is solved by measuring the largest Lyapunov exponent. Lyapunov exponents quantify the exponential divergence ofExpand
The Use of Surface Electromyography in Biomechanics
This lecture explores the various uses of surface electromyography in the field of biomechanics. Three groups of applications are considered: those involving the activation timing of muscles, theExpand
Open-loop and closed-loop control of posture: A random-walk analysis of center-of-pressure trajectories
This work strongly supports the position that much can be learned about the functional organization of the postural control system by studying the steady-state behavior of the human body during periods of undisturbed stance. Expand
High-yield decomposition of surface EMG signals
Reported technology can reliably perform high-yield decomposition of sEMG signals for isometric contractions up to maximal force levels and should render this technology useful for motor control studies and clinical investigations. Expand
Surface electromyography: Detection and recording
A furnace for melting or heating metals comprising a furnace compartment enclosed by a refractory lining and a crucible for the melt arranged in the furnace compartment. Contacts are provided at theExpand
Age-related changes in open-loop and closed-loop postural control mechanisms
Stabilogram-diffusion analysis was used to examine how the natural aging process affects the operational characteristics of open-loop and closed-loop postural control mechanisms in the elderly, and it was demonstrated cross-sectionally that healthy aging is associated with significant changes in the ‘quasi-static’ dynamics of the posturalcontrol system. Expand
Myoelectrical manifestations of localized muscular fatigue in humans.
The essence and results of pertinent publications are discussed with emphasis on the relationship between the spectral shift of the myoelectric signal, conduction velocity of muscle fibers, pH of the interstitial fluid and blood flow within a muscle. Expand
Physiology and Mathematics of Myoelectric Signals
The myoelectric (ME) signal is the electrical manifestation of the neuromuscular activation associated with a contracting muscle. It is an exceedingly complicated signal which is affected by theExpand
Reduced plantar sensitivity alters postural responses to lateral perturbations of balance
The findings demonstrate that plantar cutaneous afferents play an important role in the shaping of dynamic postural responses and suggest that loss of plantar sensation may be an important contributor to the dynamic balance deficits and increased risk of falls associated with peripheral neuropathies. Expand
Common drive of motor units in regulation of muscle force
The concept of common drive of motor units that provides a possible scheme for the control of motor Units is discussed, unifying various seemingly isolated findings that have been reported. Expand